Wednesday , May 25 2022

Prokhor Chaliapin’s late wife was suspected of fraud schemes


Tatiana Davis died in Las Vegas from the coronavirus in late September.

Prokhor Chaliapin with his wife. Photo:

In late July, Prokhor Chaliapin married Canadian millionaire Tatiana Davis. A few days after the wedding, she was hospitalized with coronavirus, and nearly two months later she died at the hospital. The artist was not allowed to attend the funeral. The blonde was allegedly cremated due to the epidemic situation.

Not everyone believes in this story. Earlier, star lawyer Alexander Benkhin led his own investigation, which as a result found that there was no word on Davis ’death in the American and Canadian media.

In addition, neither the police nor the medical staff of the clinic where Tatyana was treated heard anything about this tragedy. In addition, Benkhin noted that the Canadian was involved in a criminal scheme six years ago.

“What is the scheme? Students took out student loans from banks. And then, accordingly, the college failed, and the money disappeared. It’s not a very clean story.

Whether Davis had anything to do with these founders or these scams, I can’t say. We will not find information in open sources, and six years have passed, “Benkhin told Channel Five.

We add that before Shalyapin noticed that he was going to deny the legacy of his dead wife.

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