Thursday , June 30 2022

Pyatov: At the end of the match with & # 39; Hoffenheim, thought lightly in & # 39; blow


The visitors 'Shakhtar' Andriy Pyatov commented on the defeat "Hoffenheim" (3: 2) in the fifth round of the League of Chepions group.

"I screamed at my partner! Shouted:" X & # 39; do support? Why not push? You have more! "No, well, in fact – we we play in the majority, and they create four & # 39; points & # 39; 100 percent. But then the thought f & # 39; helping improve:" It will be similar with & # 39; Dynamo. They did not use their moments, but we will score at the end. "

"The moment when the ball hit the shin & # 39; Shakhtar?" Yes, I saw the ball hit the rib, and decided not to interfere! "The goalkeeper joked.

"Second time & # 39; Hoffenheim? Then the ball sailed & # 39; in the air, I saw the interception, and f & # 39; blow one German player appeared b & # 39; literal way from nowhere. will I have time to get close this time. But he immediately grabbed his head and parachute b & # 39; proved successful, "concluded the goalkeeper.

Recall now the Pitmen need to overcome Lion at the end of the game to round out the group.

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