Sunday , April 2 2023

Sergey Polunin showed a tattoo with & # 39; Putin: Theater: Culture:


The boat Ukraine ballet Sergei Polunin Instagram photo posted on his tattoo, showing Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Photo posted by @ sergeipolunin

"Good size must be aggressively bad. The love and my support of Russia. Love wins everything", wrote Polunin.

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00:0719 & # 39; May, 2017

Sergey Polunin

Under another place, the dancer said he was grateful to the Russian president and "all the people who have chosen good."

20 & # 39; November, Polunin said that many media outlets treat Putin's "bad or wrong", and promised to always protect the president of Russia. Many subscribers decreased by & # 39; negative way this post and decided that the dancer lost. Others have suggested that hackers hacked the page Polunin.

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