Monday , June 21 2021

Son Charlize Theron officially became girl

Son Charlize Theron officially became girlThe fans perċepixxew its statement with & # 39; ambiguous way and talked with & # 39; harsh criticism.

The actress & # 39; Charlize Theron Hollywood has already shown the world that you are raising your child & # 39; six years & # 39; son & # 39; six girls.

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The last two years, Charlize, along with his son, always seen in public, and fans are shocked by the child's appearance.

The fact is that the actress puts Jackson only dresses and skirts. Recently, the actress is not itself confirmed that & # 39; has a child, and is raising two daughters. Such a statement was made by Theron in & # 39; & # 39 interview, Elle. "I look at my two beautiful girls, and I fiercely & # 39 ;, like other moms. I want children to be safe and able to express themselves fully. When I feel that something threatens them, go crazy. I will kill them. one day this interview can & # 39; runs as evidence in court! " – said the actress.

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Many agree that Charlize Theron has decided to make a girl a boy. However, it should be noted that Theron is not the only one f & # 39; Washington altering b & # 39; s independently of his child sex. Earlier it became known that a similar problem was observed in the family & # 39; Angelina Jolie.

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