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The companies & # 39; IT Russians presented their developments for British business in & # 39; RBBF 2018 | economy


MOSCOW, 26 & # 39; November / PRIME /. Russian IT companies presented their developments for British business in the Russian-British Business Forum (RBBF-2018) in & # 39; London, Roskongress reported on the results of the forum.

B & # 39; in particular, within the framework of the forum, a presentation platform VR / IoT rehabilitation of Motorika company, territory & # 39; & # 39 new development; FarmMedpolis f & # 39; Tazarstan.

The Center & # 39; Russian export, along with the Skolkovo Foundation, cabin Made in Russia, brought products & # 39; advanced technology & # 39; Russian companies in the areas of banking, customer, corporate IT and tourism solutions. B & # 39; all, more than 10 companies presented their products at the booth, including VC LANIT Group, Motorika, Heedbook, VidiGuide, SwitchSales. The start-ups of & # 39; Russian high-tech, including start-ups from LANIT Ventures, Skolkovo and Pulsar, had talks with & # 39; representatives & # 39; Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Barclay & # 39; s, Citi.

As noted in the message, one of the main forum outside was the presentation of the development of the company Center 2M in the field of machine vision – CenterVision, created by & # 39; jointly with Russian team a & # 39; IBM. The industrial video analysis system using neural networks 2M Center for recognizing the object in manufacturing plants with & # 39; up to 98% accuracy. At the same time, take only one day to train a neural network from scratch, 30 minutes to learn new scenario. Currently, the main areas & # 39; application of the recognition of video and image technology and analysis are the retail, logistics and industrial safety.

"Many IT projects are becoming an important driving force for the competitiveness of the Russian economy, for its active transition to digital lines. The oriented ideas to the global market and the development of & # 39; small Russian companies show it b & # 39; fullest and generate interest among British organizations. to the agenda of economic cooperation between Russia and the UK, and we intend to continue to stimulate this process, "said the trade representative Russian -Federazzjoni UK, Boris ABR Amov

The international agency and Radio Sputnik, a member of Russia Today, is the official partner to inform RBBF 2018.

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