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The director of the film "The Last Tango in Paris" by Bernardo Bertolucci died


The director of the cult film was & # 39; 77 years. We recall the most interesting facts from his biography.

F & # 39; Rome, at the age of & # 39; 77 years, the legendary Italian film director Bernardo Bertolucci died from a long illness. This was reported by the Independent, b & # 39; a reference to the Italian media.

Bertolucci – a strong brand in cinema history. He created more than two dozen paintings, whose most famous are "The Last Tango in Paris" and "The conformist". And the movie "The Last Emperor" took nine & # 39; & # 39 Oscars in, several nominations.

interesting facts about Bertolucci

1. For the purpose of cinema, Bernardo completed his studies.

In 1958, Bernardo Bertolucci entered the Faculty of Philosophy & # 39; University & # 39; Rome to become a poet. But still love cinema won, and in 1962, Bertolucci left the university to operate his own debut – "Bony Godfather".

2. Films 5.5 hours long

Bernardo Bertolucci shot the landmark film "The Twentieth Century", lasting nearly five and a half hours. For international leasing, Bertolucci mounted only an abbreviated version of & # 39; 3.5 hours long.

3. incest, homosexuality and triolism

The main reason the majority of the film & # 39; Bertolucci had sex. He loved combines social problems & # 39; intimate in his films. And often turned to subjects that were banned in & # 39; at that time, such as incest, the triolism, homosexuality. Examples are vast film "Dreamers" and "Last Tango in & # 39; Paris".

Video from the film "Dreamers" Photo: Illusion

4. Bertolucci been deprived of civil rights by the film.

In 1972, Bertolucci shot the film "The Last Tango in & # 39; Paris' with & # 39; Marlon Brando and Maria Schneider in the leading roles. The film caused a real scandal in Italy, because it was filled with explicit scenes. The press was banned, all copies were destroyed. The director of the Italian court denied civil rights for five years and four & # 39; conditional lines. And only years later, when society became more progressive views, the film found its audience.

5. actress Maria Schneider odiħet to Bertolucci until her death because 'the oil scene "

During the shooting of the scandalous film "The Last Tango in Paris", Bertolucci offered to soar scene & # 39; anal sex by & # 39; butter, which was not explained in the script. The actress had been warned about the scene just before the start of filmazzjoni and was compelled to act in the film, by making pressure on the authority of the director and actor. The scene was filmed the first take.

Later, Maria Schneider said that while the shooting is felt humiliated and "nearly raped", and even even Coined in this scene, which esponietha to the whole world as "porno", repealed its destiny to act and ġabetha for alcoholism and drug addiction.

Bertolucci himself confirmed this story only in 2013, after many asked defeat awards and all the gifts, but with & # 39; any way he ran the master.

"Scene oil" from the film "Last Tango in & # 39; Paris' Photo:

6. Nine & # 39; Oscars for film

In 1987, the film The Last Emperor received nine & # 39; Oscars in & # 39; blow: best film, best director, best script adapted, best music, best cinematography, the Best editing. the best sound. Moreover, the film received the Golden Globe in & # 39; four & # 39; nominations, Grammy Awards, Cesar Felix and grants & # 39; several countries.

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