Tuesday , June 22 2021

The martial law in Ukraine in 2018 and the dollar

Declaration of martial law will not bring immediate collapse & # 39; the hryvnia and the banking system. So, do not panic.

This opinion was expressed for the 24th channel from the financial analyst Vitaly Shapran.

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According to him, the banking system will work as usual. For "special position" there must be reasons – scale military actions, provided that they are missing. And, as noted by the President Poroshenko, the introduction of martial law does not mean the war.

Of course, tomorrow you & # 39; buy dollars to 28.5 or 29 box & # 39; stew. But I would advise to keep calm and martial law – yet this war, but only certain legal system. Besides yourself, the stocks & # 39; istuff and the health of the hryvnia is not in danger,
– noted the expert.

He clarified the tranche from the International Monetary Fund: formally, the IMF does not prohibit loans to countries in which martial law was declared. In practice, it is believed that the IMF m & # 39; should finance the war, but it does not threaten Ukraine, since change the EFF program to settle, which provides loans & # 39; depth falling & # 39; in the country's budget.

All stand by to go to the foreign exchange reserves of the NBU m & # 39; has no relationship with the state budget revenues, to the contrary, these loans still to be served. Thus, by the EP in Ukraine, the maximum that can & # 39; & # 39 is in; relations with the Fund can & # 39; postpone consideration of the question of the Ukraine on the Board of Directors from November to December, but I think that not only will do so,
– Spapran explained.

Recall, after the Russian naval forces seized three Ukrainian military courts, the National Security Council and President Poroshenko proposed to introduce martial law in Ukraine. 26 & # 39; in November, the Verkhovna Rada in & # 39; & # 39 meeting; Emergency endorsed this decision. The martial law will be in force for 30 days from 28 & # 39; November in the territory & # 39; 10 regions.

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