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Transigender Zianja said about difficult relationships with parents


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extraordinary singer Ukrainian, a participant in the Land Voice of 8, Zianja, transgender girl who participated in the Star Factory, even as Boris April, accepted as her parents reacted to the style of her life and & # 39; Are their relationships now. It does not give great interviews for a long time, but the project Anatoly Anatolich YouTube, The INTERVIEWER made an exception.

According Ziandzhi, it communicates with her parents, but their relationship is not straightforward.

She also admitted that she was not going to her native village & # 39; CHERNOMORSKY (the Crimea) for 10 years, and added that it is not planned to go there in the near future.

"We communicate, but not every day. We are not close, unfortunately. Because they are closed, they are very limited mentally, psychologically not open to new things: to the LGBT people, to express themselves, to stand out from the crowd" Zianja

Ziandzha on relations with parents: They are ashamed of me

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The artist noted that parents are ashamed of it because of its surroundings and conservative views.

"It seems to me … not sure ninsabx, but it seems to me that my parents are a little ashamed … because they probably are convicted, there are many very conservative there. People think highly dualistic: black and white, good and evil, husband and wife can not be anything in the middle. Therefore, they are probably condemned and ashamed of myself. Why not nikkomunikawx with a & # 39; often? Because first of all, we have nothing to talk about a second. I think they me condemns little I grew up … I'm glad I grew up in & # 39; family, non-school & # 39; boarding or orphanage. Thank you! I'm grateful to them. But grown into & # 39; very homophobic environment, where there was homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism … It's hard, "- she opened her mind.

Ziandzha on relations with parents: They are ashamed of me

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By the way, now has a romantic relationship with Ziandzha & # 39; stranger who came to Ukraine for business. In its view, have not yet declared themselves as a couple, but already went in & # 39; five dates.

Ziandzha on relations with parents: They are ashamed of me

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Recall, the singer said about transgender Ziandzha first novel.

Earlier it was reported that transgender song & # 39; Ukraine Ziandzha in social networks declared about her loneliness.

We also wrote about the singer transgender Ziandzha, formerly known as Boris April figure showed seductiva. Moreover, it showed pictures of her children to the fans.

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