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Verkhovna Rada voted for the introduction of martial law: chronicle

Poroshenko agreed to the demands of the deputies and the special regime reduced from 60 to 30 days to make elections.

Verkhovna Rada voted to impose martial law in Ukraine. The decision was supported by 276 deputies. The vote took place at 9.30 pm immediately following the speeches of President Petro Poroshenko and Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman.

The martial law will operate in regions & # 39; Odessa, Nikolaev, Kherson, Zaporizhia, Luhansk, Donetsk, Sumy, Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Vinnytsia, and in the Azov water area.

"Second position of the bill is provided after the discussion on the introduction of martial law only in regions along the Russian border, along the Transnistrian segment of the border between Ukraine and Moldova and along the Black and Azov seas ". – Exactly where can & # 39; reached blows.

According to Poroshenko, martial law involved only in the event & # 39; Russian military military flare on the territory & # 39; the Ukraine.

– If, God prohibits, by & # 39; joint efforts nirnexxilna ​​avoid this scenario, stress, as president and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces & # 39; Ukraine, there is no restriction on the right, there is no restriction on the freedoms. I asked to give right to the president as soon as the Russian troops cross the border – I will not lose a second to ensure the protection of the land of Ukraine, "Poroshenko said.

The initial version of the draft law on presidential martial law provided for its introduction in Ukraine for a period of & # 39; two.

MEPs consulted 5 hours: Chronicle

Meeting & # 39; Rada of emergency began at 4: 30 pm b & # 39; delays & # 39; half an hour. The deputies submitted to the president with their terms, which eventually accepted them. KP in Ukraine chronic meeting.

22:00 30 of 307 deputy voted against the introduction of martial law, one abstained. List & # 39; Call HERE.

21.36. Vlasenko forgiven. Irina Gerashchenko ħallitha and wanted to be in & # 39; good situation with women.

Vlasenko was still forced to ask ourselves to Gerashchenko.

Photo: Oscar Jansson

Your face when I made public outplacement. Photo: screenshot

21.35. Deputies ask Vlasenko apologize to Irina Gerashchenko. Vlasenko give the word.

21.33. 276 votes. The law is adopted.

For – 276 votes.

Photo: Oscar Jansson

21.32. Paruby calls to vote for martial law with editions & # 39; Poroshenko.

21.31. While talking Poroshenko, a scuffle started in the hall. When Paruby put the vote, the law on the approval of the decree on the introduction of martial law there was a scuffle near the podium. The deputy from BPP Sergey Berezenko faces another member of parliament, and was kept on his feet and a ġarraf Prompter which Poroshenko read the speech.

When Paruby voted on the law, a scuffle took place near the podium.

Photo: Oscar Jansson

21.30. Poroshenko listed regions in which there will be a special provision: Vinnitsa, Lugansk, Nikolaev, Odessa, Sumy, Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Zaporizhia, Kherson and internal waters of the Azov water area.

21.26. – It is possible to naħlefx at least in Parliament ?! – Poroshenko was battering.

21.24. The President says that the whole world help us. No, not at & # 39; & # 39 dollars and f; euro. This only supports. And the UN Security Council today supported both NATO and the European Union …

rare Framework: Lyashko Poroshenko and discuss something. photo:
rare Framework: Lyashko Poroshenko and discuss the law. photo:

Photo: Oscar Jansson

21.22. Poroshenko speaks very slowly, but with & # 39; decisive way. He recalled that it is the supreme commander.

21.20. Call Petro Poroshenko. Issued first.

21.20. Groysman also urged to make an excuse for Gerashchenko.

21.16. Groisman jifhemx which comes with the same hatred and calls for compromise. Waving his finger and says that the adoption of martial law – it is the duty of & # 39; deputies.

"The president said with & # 39; clearly that there is no restriction on human rights, and I believe the words of the President," said the Prime Minister.

21.14. Speaker Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman.

21.13. Paruby urged to ask ourselves Gerashchenko:

"There was not one bad word about Putin, but there was much said against Poroshenko and Gerashchenko," said Paruby.

21.10. Irina Gerashchenko came out and said that some "fad" from the first row called "M & # 39; INIX bedding, you bedding, Putin! I pray that Vlasenko leave the hall!" – the vice-speaker was indignat.

21.05. "We negħleb the dragon without this dragon ourselves," Spivakovsky MP gave his wisdom.

21.02. Ilyenko called for immediate cuts & # 39; diplomatic relations with Russia and block border. It is from "Freedom", if that.

20.53. And so! MEPs divided into & # 39; two camps: some claim martial law and are ready to vote, others support and are willing to vote, because the law strictly restricts the constitutional rights.

20.46. Vilkul out. He says that in recent years has been worse, but nobody introduced martial law. According to him, Poroshenko just want to thwart the elections. Instead, he urged to start negotiations and resolve the conflict through diplomacy.

20.44. Syumar: "Today, nobody said the seamen & # 39; Ukraine should be returned." In fact, everyone already talked about it.

20.39. Tymoshenko came out and said that her team is ready to keep martial law, but the decree "introduces the complete elimination of the elimination of people's rights under the Constitution," so she tappoġġjahx.

20.12. Groisman and Lyashko discuss something with & # 39; powerful way. The main radical is set radically.

20.10. "I want to tell you about the events that took place yesterday", said Muzhenko and refresh everything started because the Ukrainian ship left port.

September 20 While Paruby came, Irina Gerashchenko decided to give the word to all heads of factions, but nobody wanted. They called to the podium to head & # 39; General Staff & # 39; Ukraine Viktor Muzhenko.

20.06. Sobolev: let's broken diplomatic relations with Russia, introduced visas and stop the trade with the Russian Federation. Klimkin sight, but says it is dangerous to hinder diplomatic relations because Ukrainians are in Russian prisons, for their release is required to negotiate.

20.04. Teteruk work wonders & # 39; will happen to the portion & # 39; IMF now, because the fund will not give money when introduced martial law. According to Klimkin, in today's edition of the law m & # 39; should interfere with cooperation with the IMF.

20.02. Deputy Kishkar asked, and x & # 39; it is the general meaning of the imposition of martial law for months. According to him, the implementation of & # 39; some goals require much more time. Klimkin said that the aim is to liberate the lost territories. For a month?

20:00 Klimkina nobody really listens to & # 39 ;, deputies to communicate with & # 39; other. Apparently, legal terminology really too heavy.

19.58. "I would not will inform you about the events currently taking place, I would just like to say that this issue is being considered at the UN meeting," said Klimkin and added that sailors held by Ukraine shall be considered prisoners of war.

19.56. The Minister for Foreign Affairs Listed violated regulations and said that Russia's actions indicate the creation of & # 39; conditions for full blockade of the coast of the Black Sea & # 39; the Ukraine.

19.55. Klimkin apologized using legal terminology. According to him, it is necessary to explain to all what is happening Ukraine. Apparently, according to Klimkin, someone in the hall did not understand anything now.

19.54. Now the Minister & # 39; Foreign Affairs Pavel Klimkin located in the podium.

19.53. "When necessary, the schools will be closed, if necessary, enterprises will be closed," said Turchinov, and for what purpose.

19.48. Lyashko said m & # 39; there is no change in the proposed law, which Petro Poroshenko talked about, b & # 39; in particular, on the imposition of martial law for 30 days. Turchinov says not to worry, because he said it in his statement.

19.45. Now deputies sleep questions & # 39; Turchinov. They ask why it is necessary to vote today, because there are two other days.

19.43. Turchinov said that "some constitutional rights may be limited by law on martial law". According to him, the president does not want to do it, but it can & # 39; happens if necessary.

19.41. The head of the National Council & # 39; Security and Defense & # 39; Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov the talking. While not saying anything new, but very serious.

18.52. Meanwhile, the stop & # 39; ten minutes lasts for two hours. Parliament does not continue with the meeting. Mid-session hall is empty.

18.08. The KP correspondent in the & # 39; the Ukraine is currently in Parliament. According to him, the deputies gathered in groups and discussing with & # 39; actively situation.

5:45 pm Meanwhile, the stay was supposed to end 45 minutes ago …

17:20 Petro Poroshenko has recorded a special video message to Ukrainian.

– I met my constitutional obligation and Martial law imposed by 9 & # 39; in the morning of 28 & # 39; November– said the president. He added that the reservist of the first line are ready to "pack their backpacks now," but Full or partial mobilization to.

Poroshenko assured that martial law will end in & # 39; mid-December and will become presidential elections at the end of & # 39; March 2019, as planned. Namely, he agreed with the requirements of & # 39; to introduce several factions martial law for 30, not 60 days, As originally proposed by the National Security Council. However, it will apply special treatment. throughout Ukrainenot f & # 39; designated areas.

17:13 – The procedure for review of the issue – 50 minutes. The break can & # 39; delayed as in budget night. After Friday Black, Gray arrived Monday, says Deputy Olga Chervakova, on Facebook.

17:01. The deputy & # 39; BPP Alexei Goncharenko tell journalists that if martial law is introduced, the presidential election to be postponed for a month – "nothing terrible".

5pm I am pleased with the eyes & # 39; Irina Gerashchenko.


16:50 Taki announced a break for 10 minutes.

16:48. Several deputies and Lyashko shout "Pererva" – Vice-Speaker Irina Gerashchenko just smiles. Paruby bright that supports the introduction of martial law. He, in turn, he shouted parliamentarians to escape on his ear.

16:40. The Speaker of Parliament before stating Andrei Parubiy stay & # 39; half an hour after registering deputies – Lyashko not believe.

16:32. An hour before the meeting, the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Defense and National Security supported the decision to impose martial law. This implies the restriction of constitutional rights, b & # 39; in particular, the possibility of canceling the elections.

16:30 Today journalists can not work on the side so as not to leak & # 39; information. Earlier it was reported that the parliament meeting will be closed.

16:23. The meeting was supposed to start at 4: 00 pm, but the chair blocked the "Radical Party" – first require a conversation with the president. Obviously, the faction Petro Poroshenko want to make sure that the introduction of martial law does not negate the election. The cancellations also do not want "Batkivshchyna" and "Self-help".

In the hall there are ministers and National Security Council Secretary and Defense. Photo:
"Radical Party", "Batkivshchyna" and "Self-Help" agree to support the introduction of martial law, but only if the elections. Photo:

The introduction of martial law was initiated by the Secretary of the National Council of & # 39; Security and Defense Alexander Turchinov after Russia arrested three warships of Ukraine at Sea & # 39; Azov. Petro Poroshenko supported the introduction of martial law and referred the matter to the Verkhovna Rada, as required by law.

S & # 39; will change after the introduction of martial law

The Law & # 39; Ukraine Martial Law states that elections can not be made during this period. They kept 31 & # 39; March 2019. It is also impossible to hold referendums, change the Constitution & # 39; the Ukraine and the Constitution of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. Moreover:

  • Curfew was introduced.

  • Declared general mobilization forced. Mobilized become participants in the fighting.

  • The border controls are being tightened to prevent sabotage.

  • It imposed resettlement of the military.

  • Left withdraw vehicles for the army.

  • A ban on the transfer of & # 39; information via & # 39; computer systems, strict control by media closures, which restricts the use of the Internet.

  • Bans banned mass protests, strikes pending the violence spread.

  • Any line & # 39; credit from the IMF and other financial organizations are frozen.

  • The army get more power and freedom & # 39; maneuver.

  • Citizens have a right to compensation for damage in & # 39; & # 39 case, forced abduction & # 39; property.

Most experts surveyed by KP in Ukraine are confident that the dollar will rise in the near future. Nothing critical to & # 39; the economy going, but because of the panic, the demand for currency can & # 39; increase.

Analysts believe that after the introduction of martial law prices will rise on essential products cheaper.


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