Friday , March 24 2023

What does that Putin no longer president? Third World / GORDON


The entrepreneur from the Russian Federation, Alexey Dushutin, on his statement about the extortion, the Ukrainian businessman Timofei Nagorny was maintained at & # 39; Kiev, said in & # 39; interview with & # 39; GORDON that the Russians not able to mass protest against the authorities.

With the question: "X & # 39; should happen to President Putin to stop?" – Dushutin replied: "Third World".

"As the economy & # 39; Ukraine, politics, demography was bad, but in 2014 I was able to take the ghoul who chose business and squeeze out of the throne.

Dushutin stressed that Putin has been in power for more than 18 years, and people are silent because "there zomboyaschik."

"People are generally convinced that you, the citizens & # 39; Ukraine, should be killed, as you all Bandera", he said.

The Nagorny applicant, the Russian businessman Dushutin: Nagorny argued that Putin will make a bet on the future president of Ukraine. Read the full interview

Putin was first elected president of the Russian Federation in 2000. After two terms, in 2008, he made the post & # 39; head of the Russian government, and Dmitry Medvedev became president. In 2012, Putin again & # 39; was elected head of the Russian Federation, in 2018 newly elected to another term. According to the Constitution of Russia, you & # 39; become presidential officee more than two consecutive terms.

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