Wednesday , June 23 2021

Anti-vaxers of & # 39; NJ not religious nuts

If you pay attention to the news in the last few weeks, you have heard about the measles outbreak in & # 39; Lakewood and other cities related to the Orthodox Jewish Community. The question is not only in & # 39; these communities, but in & # 39; many other cities throughout the state as well. Parents using the religious exemption with or without serious belief rooted in their faith. But their deep belief means only them when safety and health of their children.

If you choose not vaccinating your children, is looking & # 39; above as some kook who does not believe in modern medicine or science. This is not the case in the number of & # 39; parents talked, & # 39; above and & # 39; outside, the serious consequences related to the large number of & # 39; vaccines given to children and adults. Many parents have stories & # 39; horror of their older children injured by vaccines, choosing not jlaqqmux the other children their. Some have seen cases & # 39; first hand in & # 39; other families also choose not to limit or restrict the number.

I recently ran a friend from my town now just beginning running again after receiving the vaccine against influenza in & # 39; & # 39 June, this year. After weeks in the hospital was diagnosed Guillain-Barre Syndrome. One of the causes is yes, Vaccination! Not one of the doctors or nurses issue and say that was definitely the case, but there was nothing more to indicate. He is a lawyer and seeking relief, but he declines.

People in the medical community and our government are keen to show that these vaccines cause harm. The same government that has "vaccine court" that billions & # 39; billions victims & # 39; injured across the country. We need & # 39; open and honest discussion about the risks and dangers of vaccines, and not just destroy people to avoid, as nutjobs.

If you feel better judge people who are suspicious of the process & # 39; & # 39 vaccination in; this country, you can & # 39; do it. But also do some hard research and learn more. Meanwhile, as more cases come & # 39; measles in New Jersey, you & # 39; feel assured b & # 39; secret way if your children they obtained.

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