Monday , September 26 2022

Because the last Ice Age is protecting half of Britain from climate change


WThe following chicken to climate change to survive, communities in northern Britain will win back much sooner, experts predicted, and it's all thanks to the last Ice Age.

A new report setting out the expected impact for the UK as climate heat found that the clipped areas of the huge ice sheets covered the northern regions up to 11 700 years ago is now recovering with & # 39; ħeġġija enough to protect them from rising sea level.

Three miles thick glands once covered huge swathe of Britain, and finally a big freeze almost pushed south & # 39; Cardiff and Norwich.

The process & # 39; recovery, known as iżostatiku rebound, could & # 39; ensure that the land is rising almost four & # 39; & # 39 inches in, some from the north …

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