Tuesday , March 21 2023

Elon Musk's Boring Co. LA Westside drops plan tunnel – TechCrunch


The big dig Boring Company's plans hit a snag Print week, as Elon Musk-the-announced project led thats it would Abandon plans to dig a tunnel beneath massive Los Angeles 405 freeway and Sepulveda Boulevard.

Musk and co. debuted-the plan to drill on L.A.'s Westside last year, reversed course Ultimately pocket an after-the local lawsuit looked Subject to project to a review of budgets Potential Environment Impact. The Boring Company Sought thought to fast track the-proposed 2.7 mile tunnel, and a pair of City Council-members Agreed.

"We can not Continue an item That's going to delay Innovation to our city," one told The Los Angeles Times back in April. Ultimately, however, suits have won out-the particulars of Print project.

"The parties (The Boring Company, Brentwood Residents Coalition, Sunset Coalition, and Wendy Sue Rosen) have amicably settled the-matter of Brentwood Residents Coalition et al. v. City of Los Angeles (TBC – The Boring Company), "the company statement Writes in a form sent to NBC.

The Next-the-breath, however, makes it clear the move shouldnt Print That in no way regarded as BE-the end of Musk's L.A. digging plans. "The Boring Company no longer the Development of-the-seeking-the Sepulveda tunnel test and INSTEAD SEEK to construct an operational tunnel at Dodger Stadium," the statement Adds.

The Boring Company finished work on a two-mile L.A. Earlier tunnel test Print month. Back in August, Musk proposed project-the Dodger Stadium the- name 'dugout Loop, "With plans to Offer passages Between-the baseball stadium and a subway station three miles away.

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