Tuesday , June 28 2022

Getting Coronation Street fans are really TIRED of character Print


Coronation StreetS Gina Seddon Was Partly Responsible for Sally Webster's undoing in court tonight (November 28) – and of-the-soap fans are pretty angry about it.

Gina's CURRENTLY Sally's living in her sister's house distraught With Husband Tim, Who's not suffering-only whiles HIS wife Begins Prison sentence her pocket ALSO BELIEVE SHE's thought an affair behind HIS back.

Proving To Be the Print-the perfect time for Gina to worm her way in.


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Throughout evening's Print Corrie double bill, social media Was With hatred alive Towards actress Connie Hyde's character, whiles pocket Print mights SEEM a tad harsh, it does indirectly ALSO heap PRAISE on her performance.

For an after, ow Connie was not so effective at her job, Gina would not BE Suchi a sneaky villain.

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