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Mħabbsa: Driver & # 39; the truck that killed Bin ballet school love, 14


by a truck driver who killed girl & # 39; 14 years in a horrific collision with & # 39; minibrovija just gone on a journey & # 39; the school has been jailed for three years and four & # 39; months.

Ballet with Holly Brown died when the truck & # 39; waste driven by Nicholas Buck, (52), a & # 39; Kingshurst Way, Kingshurst, neared its minibus as he was going through artistic visit to the Botanical Gardens.

At Birmingham Crown Court Buck, who was plejrat guilty of causing death by dangerous driving, was also disqualified from driving for five years and eight months.

The collision occurred in A38 Road Kingsbury, Castle Vale in 7 & # 39; July 2017 Holly, who was a student at the High School John Taylor in & # 39; Barton Under Needwood, near Lichfield, was marked dead on -Post.

The court was clearly death impact evidence & # 39; Holly on family and school friends.

Below: Police Seal & # 39; off the tragic crash scene in & # 39; Kankbury Road

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Martin Brown, her father, said: "The events have destroyed our family. I still find it hard to believe that m & # 39; no longer with us. It is much quieter home now. Also miss the fights and arguments. S & # 39; it is the most saddest part for me is that the accident stopped Holly reach its potential. it is such a waste of life. How to fill the gaps left in our lives? "

Twin Emma, ​​Emma, ​​said: "We did everything together. She handed me f & # 39; any moment. It is the main part of all my memories. The dreams and future aspirations all lost."

Holly Brown, fourteen years old, died after a collision with truck minicoach and on Kingsbury Road & # 39; around 1.45pm on Friday 7 & # 39; July.
Holly Brown, fourteen years old, died after a collision with truck minicoach and Kingsbury Road at about 1.45pm on Friday 7 & # 39; July. She showed off eager

The Mum Sara Brown said she left to Holly and 14 years was excited about the trip to the Botanical Gardens

She will draw flowers during the trip & # 39; art. Ms Brown told Birmingham Crown Court: "Look beautiful as usual. About an hour after our world issued. It was hard even breathing. We tried to be with & # 39; health and bonded.

Mrs Brown spoke about the laughter going home and added: "Holly was trading dancer, academic and b & # 39; talent. She lived life to the full."

A friend & # 39; Holly, who did not want to be called, and that was in the minibus said: "I had several attacks & # 39; panic. I can not meet today & # 39; on the right & # 39; car."

Nicholas buck

Father & # 39; other girl was on the minibus told Birmingham Crown Court: "She was talking to & # 39; Holly at the time of the tragic accident. It could not recall the details of the incident. She was then diagnosed order & # 39; traumatic stress.

"She received a course & # 39; therapy. It was able to talk with & # 39; his wife and & # 39; it but was unable to open her counselor. There is a feeling of & # 39; helplessness. The incident had a traumatic effect us all as a family losses & # 39; Holly was at the forefront of his thoughts. "

Andrew Jackson, defended, said Buck wrote a note to the family showed "immediate degree of & # 39; remorse".

Police on the scene of & # 39; fatal crash on Kingsbury Road, Castle Vale
Police on the scene of & # 39; fatal crash on Kingsbury Road, Castle Vale

He said: "This is not where he denied responsibility. The suffering that was experienced in any comparable & # 39; that incurred by the family & # 39; Holly.

"This is not man's heart and smooth. The remord is expressed is genuine. It is not stated to do so."

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Judge AVIK Mukherjee said: "You have relevant previous convictions worsen your situation. Holly was an artist and he was excited. The trip did not start before came to a tragic conclusion. Holly was wearing seat her seat beside belt back. "

Buck had a previous conviction for driving without due care and 29 & # 39; July 2014, when it hit another wing mirror driver.

He said: "You are not a novice driver & # 39; such a vehicle. Driving & # 39; such a vehicle entails responsibility. It engined & # 39; her health. When turned right with rnexxilekx pass at the junction and watch the game. it does not have sufficient acceleration. there was no reasonable excuse for you not see that game. Mr. BAGNALL made what could & # 39; to avoid you. your truck hit PART of & # 39; after which Holly was sitting with & # 39; catastrophic results. Paid there were no other serious physical injury. Did not all the truth police in an interview. You are to blame at the door Mr BAGNALL suggesting he was speeding.

Holly Brown left tributes to John Taylor High School
Holly Brown left tributes to John Taylor High School

"It was very dangerous maneuver, maneuver impossible to complete. I am pleased that there was a serious psychological impact on both passenger seated next to Holly."

The judge accepted the remord of & # 39; Buck and profound effect on his family. It ħabbarh for three years and four & # 39; skwalifikah months from driving for five years and eight months.

Judge AVIK Mukherjee said: "I hope that the end of & # 39; these proceedings will bring little comfort to the family child & # 39; Holly."

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