Thursday , October 6 2022

Nintendo Hits major phases Since sales soar Switch & # 39; above the Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday


Switch grown

Recent Tiddit of & # 39; information already given us the impression that Nintendo had a week & # 39; Success in retail – new Pokemon gambling was reported that fourth & # 39; items most purchased on Black Friday and Switch was the best selling console on Cyber ​​Monday – but now we have confirmation in the form of & # 39; particularly striking events reached by the company.

Nintendo confirmed that the Switch has become the best selling console in US history for a period of & # 39; five days from Thanksgiving to Cyber ​​Monday, even exceeded the sales of the ridiculously popular Wii console which dominated sales space about ten years ago. Moreover, the large number of & # 39; sales also means that the Switch has experienced the best week ever sold in the United States.

Depending on internal sales figures & # 39; Nintendo, US shoppers spent more than $ 250 million on Nintendo products during the period, showing that recent comments & # 39; Nintendo of America Reggie Fils-Aime about the importance of the holiday season are indeed truth. That figure represents sales & # 39; Switch, 3DS, the Classic NES and SNES editions, and games and accessories.

Interestingly, despite the second year Switch shown little less extravagant in & # 39; & # 39 terms, new games and exciting developments from the first sales & # 39; Total hardware in the region saw an increase of & # 39; 45% during the period & # 39; Thanksgiving to Cyber ​​Monday 2018 compared to the same dates in 2017. We expect that sales of consoles is seen by Switch & # 39; significantly over the past week, and it will be particularly interesting seeing sales & # 39; units up within a few months; maybe Nintendo can & # 39; closes its target & # 39; 20 million financial year after all?

Did you, or someone you know, pick up some goodies related to & # 39; Nintendo during the sale? Do you think that this success will continue throughout the holiday period? Tell us b & # 39; comment.

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