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Date published: 26 & # 39; November 2018

The Diabetes team at the Royal Hospital & # 39; Oldham celebrates after he was runners-up position in the Awards & # 39; Week Excellence Safety of Insulin & # 39; this year 2018.

The team was praised by the panel of & # 39; the iġġudikaturi to "go & # 39; above and beyond" for their patients and for their hard work to promote the importance of & # 39; awareness security & # 39; insulin to patients and staff.

The Nurses Diabetes Specialist Hospital have been working hard to raise awareness about the importance of insulin is administered with & # 39; correct way in & # 39; of & # 39; mealtimes, to help patients avoid errors & # 39; medication that occur during their hospital stay.

The errors & # 39; insulin are the third most common cause of & # 39; serious injury or death in hospitals.

One in six people in hospital have diabetes and one third & # 39; patients & # 39; patients & # 39; diabetes have an error & # 39; medication during their stay. As a result, security & # 39; insulin is a high priority for many hospitals.

The Diabetes team has been improving the treatment of diabetes in the hospital as part of a wider & # 39 initiative to improve quality, thoroughly underlined how patients with diabetes treated over time hospital.

The team works with & # 39; two test halls in Oldham (Wards F7 and F10) and three wards at Fairfield General Hospital (Wards 7, 20 and 24) to deliver improved and more personalized care for patients up by diabetes.

The major improvements introduced for diabetic patients include:

1. All patients with diabetes are identified by & # 39; clearly using the & # 39; red apple on their patient card. This acts as a prompt for hospital staff to check the levels of & # 39; blood glucose and ensure that the drug is given by & # 39; & # 39 in correct way; mealtimes.

2. Introduction & # 39; of & # 39 system; "Insulin buddy", to ensure that patients receive their insulin to coincide with & # 39; their food. Handover, & # 39; & # 39 of buddies; Insulin & # 39; & # 39 work with; qualified nurses to identify those patients who require insulin therapy. Help to control and administer insulin to patients during lunchtime to ensure that they receive insulin at the right time. There period & # 39; very short period & # 39; 20 minutes for patients receiving their insulin & # 39; feeding time for insulin to be effective and avoid variability in the levels of & # 39; glucose in their blood.

3. Encouraging patients to manage themselves and manage their own medication. The nursing staff working with the pharmacy team to conduct a review of patient medication as part of the processes & # 39; initial admin when a patient arrives at the hospital, which will assess the needs of patient medication and encourage them to manage their own medication where possible.

4. Ensure that all patients admitted diabetes have a complete assessment of the feet to identify any potential issue and ensure that they are quickly Referrals to the podiatry services, if necessary.

5. Training targeted on the care and treatment of diabetes general nursing staff to increase awareness and use of best practices.

The Diabetes team is pleased to make its efforts to improve safety & # 39; nationally recognized insulin.

Linda Adams, Lead Nurse Diabetes, said: "We are thrilled to have work to do nationally recognized.

As a team, we set ambitious targets to reduce the number of & # 39; patients affected by diabetes-related damage and test halls are helping to introduce a number of & # 39; improving care received diabetes patients.

"We have been working hard to improve awareness of safety & # 39; insulin patients as well as staff.

"It has an important role in ensuring that patients receive care & # 39; high quality, safe and personalized when entering the hospital and as system initiatives & # 39; buddy insulin help ensure that keep patients up by diabetes safe and well. "

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