Sunday , June 4 2023

Rapist serving a life sentence in prison leave open & # 39; Lincolnshire, and urged public from coming lejnh


Rapist serving a life sentence escaped from an open prison near Boston in Lincolnshire.

The police warned the public to coming into contact Wayne Jones, who is a prisoner in HMP North Sea Camp.

The 39 year escaped from open prison Category D Sunday evening.

"We urge the public to coming into contact with a man who escaped from prison," said a spokesman for Police & # 39; Lincolnshire.

"It is described as 5ft 7in tall, of & # 39; a small house, with brown hair and brown eyes. He has a scar under his left eye and of the tattoo on his left wrist."

Jones is serving life sentence for rape.

The police urged anyone see the prisoner to jersaqx him, but instead to call Lincolnshire Police on 999 or contact force by email.

F & # 39; July, officers at HMP North Sea Camp were criticized in places the 'resident' residents as part of the "rehabilitative culture" open prison.

Glyn Travis, of the Association of Prison Officers, said the change was "well thought out".

But the Board & # 39; Independent Monitoring (IMB) said the prison had created "an atmosphere of & # 39; caring and calm".

Inmates in Category D prisons in the UK are considered as "& # 39; low risk" and are allowed to leave the site for limited periods & # 39; time.

People can report sightings of & # 39; Jones by email to b & # 39; 367 incident in the subject line.

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