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Robbers storm house in Birmingham and threaten to kill Pregnant woman


Print the the-chilling moment a gang of robbers burst Into a House Armed With a machete and threatened to kill a heavily Pregnant woman.

Leaving the-family 'shaken' and 'traumatised, hooded Men stormed the-the-Property in Sparkhill, Birmingham, whilst the-eight month Pregnant woman, her aunt and two young children' were for at home.

The banged-the machete thugs are on the kitchen worktop, demanding gold and cash, despites-the woman did not have sayings SHE Anything.

They, threatened to kill her, before fleeing and leaving empty-the-Handed traumatised family.

'They are lower Than low-said-the-the father of 25-year-old woman.

He Added: They HAVE GOT Mothers and Sisters, What ow That someone did to their mother?

'During the-last FEW days, Panic They ow They Hear-the slightest noise. They are shaken. The the very traumatic for them. '

The gang of robbers burst Into a house and threatened to kill a heavily Pregnant woman With a machete, demanding gold and cash (Picture: BPM Media)

The retained Was at home with her two-year-old son, 41-year-old Aunt and nine-year-old daughter whens-the doorbell rang just an after 8.30pm on Friday.

The door opened-the girl believed to SHE Who Would her teenage brother, terrified pocket Was left an after four CCD board in Men With a machete.

The father said: "They said 'we've thought That information you have gold in-the-house.

'The one With a machete stayed in-the kitchen, holding my daughter's WRIST really tight ASKING her to tell them Was wherein the-money, SHE said, we do not have ANY money or jewelery.

The hooded Men stormed the-Property in Sparkhill, Birmingham, whiles the-eight-month Pregnant woman, her aunt and two young children 'were currently (Picture: BPM Media)

The Pregnant mother Calm DECIDED to stay-for-the-sake of her two-year-old son, Who Was in-the living room and out of sight During-the horrific ordeal.

The in-the-with high-vis jacket ran upstairs to check the Bedrooms, returned empty pocket Handed.

The woman's father said: "My sister tooks her rings off her hand and said 'take Print pocket They said' we Want more. '

Discovering an after-the family thought no gold or cash to give them, the-Men Are Reported to have said let's dip ', slang for leave, and fled in a Renault Megane.

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Police arrived and a manhunt Minutes WITHIN the CURRENTLY underway.

A West Midlands Police spokeswoman From said: "Police are investigating an attempted robbery an after four Men entered a house on Bromyard Road in Sparkhill just an after 8.30pm on Friday (23 November).

'It believed the one-of-the Men Was Armed With a knife and made Leverage as others searched-the-the-the upstairs part of Property.

'They made their escape without-taking Anything With them.'

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