Tuesday , March 28 2023

Rotherham rapist could Arshid Hussain said that & # 39; to see the son of the victim


Was informed rapist can & # 39; calls for prison visits by child by his father & # 39; abuse & # 39; man, emerged.

Arshid Hussain was one of the men in prison in 2016 after being convicted of 23 sexual offenses committed by children gang & # 39; Rotherham grooming.

Sammy Woodhouse was one of its victims and opened heavy & # 39; 15 years after being raped.

The Council & # 39; contact Rotherham Hussain tells him to prison could & # 39; son asks visits from Mrs Woodhouse and promised to keep informed about future procedures, The Times reported.

Hussain had said that it was listed as a defendant in & # 39; family court case involving the child and Ms Woodhouse told that he can & # 39; to make legal representations.

Ms Woodhouse, now 33, previously waived her anonymity to speak about the abuse suffered at & # 39; hands group & # 39; exploitation and revealed the case in question and her teenage son.

Survivor of & # 39; abuse & # 39; Rotherham Sammy Woodhouse speaking youth in West Academy & # 39; Walsall
Sammy Woodhouse is now calling for a change in the law

In the video on Twitter, said: "This story is about myself, about his son, about the man who has raped me, and the fact that the Council & # 39; Rotherham afforded to apply for rights parents to children.

"Although proven in & # 39; court where he was sentenced to 35 years, it was safe for myself and for other children. I've I & # 39; I try to be direct damage to my son."

She claimed that her case was not unique, and said he was going across the country, and women were forced to meet & # 39; their attackers to share access to their children.

Ms Woodhouse and its MP, Louise Haigh, now request changes in the law, which also won support from Baronness Helen Newlove.

Mrs Haigh tweeted: "This is so unacceptable situation. Too & # 39; often we see the rights of victims have been replaced by the rights of their hatching.

Baronness Newlove said: "I stand by @ sammywoodhouse1 to this perverse law changed. The rapist leave their parental rights at the door when they commit their crime."

Council speaker & # 39; Rotherham said he could not disclose information relating to & # 39; proceedings to be heard in the Family Court, and added: "Like all want council we fulfill the legal requirements, including directions & # 39; practice, and this includes the provision of & # 39; proceedings to parents with or without responsibility formal parents.

"Often and b & # 39; a comprehensive way, the cases before the Family Court are emotional and create strong feelings among those affected.

"We understand that the legal requirements may cause disruption to those involved and therefore we welcome debate on this issue, which applies across England and Wales."

Statement of the Ministry of Justice said: "This is obviously a very big accident and the relevant departments and local authorities will work with & # 39; urgently to understand and address the shortcomings in & # 39; in this case.

"Local authorities can apply to the courts to seek a permit gives notice to parents without parental responsibility for the care proceedings, and the court should consider the potential harm to the child and mother when taking this decision. "

Speaker & # 39; the NSPCC said: "We need to understand whether it is non & # 39; once or problem in the system that needs to be addressed, so no other survivors and child / their daughter must go the same trauma. "

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