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Small firms at Which? annual survey on energy

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Small energy suppliers overcome the so-called Big Six in surveys of customer satisfaction by Which?

The group of consumers surveyed 8,000 users of the United Kingdom about their provider and issues such as value for money, customer service and accurate billing.

The top five were small suppliers: Energy Octopus, Robin Hood Energy, Energy So, Ebico Energy and Tonik.

The Big Six – British Gas, EDF Energy, Eon, Npower, Scottish Power and SSE – were in the bottom third of the table.

& # 39; much improved Service & # 39;

What? ranked 30th energy company in England, Scotland and Wales, covering more than 90% of that market, as well as six of the seven companies in Northern Ireland.

"Our survey shows the importance of value for money and good customer service – the & # 39; energy suppliers to deliver both their customers tend to thrive, while Six big and other firms & # 39; low grade is paying for price to give consumers what they want, said Alex Neill, which? managing director & # 39; household products and services.

"All & # 39; energy companies should strive to give their customers competitive prices and excellent customer service.

"If you do a good deal, you should look to switch, because you & # 39; potentially save more than £ 100 and get a much-improved service."


Octopus, which provides more than 400,000 home, has been classified as good or excellent value for money from nine out of 10 customers and 96% of its customers gave it the same rating to the online customer service.

However, a small provider Solarplicity, classified for the first time in the Which? survey, was the worst of the energy company by its customers, with a global customer score of 44%.

It was the only provider that received ratings & # 39; one star, including for customer service, both online and on the phone

SSE was the highest among the Big Six largest – and the only one that received ratings & # 39; four & # 39; stars for its customer service online and over the phone.

Npower and Scottish Power were mostly ranked the lowest of the Big Six and were the only two that received ratings & # 39; two stars for handling their complaints.

What? found less than one in five (18%) The larger of the Sixth customers are very satisfied with their supplier, compared with & # 39; a third (33%) of & # 39; consumers with medium and small suppliers.

Data from the Citizens Advice released today showed that some areas of the country were more likely to switch than others, with Yorkshire and Humberside led the way.

Its research suggested that 21.1% of the Yorkshire and Humberside housing changed the energy supplier in 2018. Greater London, only 16.3% of households had switched last year, was the bottom of its regional table.

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