Friday , March 24 2023

The most wealthy man UK supports the agreement Breitek & # 39; Theresa May, announced months after moving to Monaco


The giant Ineos Chemicals and its founder, prominent Brexiteer Sir Jim Ratcliffe, supported the agreement & # 39; EU withdrawal & # 39; Theresa May.

Sir Jim, who said earlier this year he planned to go in & # 39; Monaco, announced on Wednesday that the agreement "a pragmatic and sensible" of & # 39; Breitek had his full support.

The firm made him the most wealthy people of the United Kingdom with an estimated & # 39; £ 21 billion fortune said in & # 39; statement was "consistently" supported reached an agreement allowing trade without friction and the United Kingdom reach its own trade agreement.

Sir Jim, came up with & # 39; support for voting leave prior to the EU referendum & # 39; June 2016 "The Brits are perfectly capable of managing the Brits and m & # 39; have needed to Brussels telling them how to handle things ", he said in 2015.

On the merchant recently Wednesday kavalljat clarified his position and said: "It made no secret about the fact that although ilkemm the concept of & # 39; a common market in Europe the concept of & # 39 ; ever closer union.

"The agreement & # 39; Brexit to move us closer to the European open market has my full support."

However, the agreement & # 39; to withdraw facing voted in & # 39; critical House of Commons vote out the following month with opposition coming from brexiteers of & # 39; hard line, moderate and left.

The former defense secretary Sir Michael Fallon said on Tuesday it was feared that the agreement was "the worst of both worlds".

As the approfew political divisions, the business community was generally united around the position that any agreement is better than nothing.

With the deadline & # 39; March now less than four & # 39; month & # 39; away, increasing the urgency for firms facing unprecedented turmoil if the UK falls outside the EU.

Ineos, the largest private UK company, said it provides "significant risk" to its business, "part of the risk & # 39; at WTO level fees but primarily by uncertainty & # 39; non-tariff barriers trading b & # 39; potential delays in & # 39; disrupting port complex chains & # 39; supply ".

These risks were highlighted consistently than before the referendum b & # 39; figures to push the UK remains & # 39; in the EU.

Sir Jim has the most & # 39; Ineos makes the raw materials for a wide range & # 39; essential goods, including medicines, textiles, auto parts and mobile phones.

As well as & # 39; most of the industries supplying, Ineos depends on complex international supply chains that cross multiple borders and faces taking & # 39; successful than Brexit. F & # 39; June Ineos announced plans & # 39; ambitious European expansion.

The company has drawn criticism in the past, notably when its founder and president decided to move their headquarters in Switzerland in 2010.

It also forced the unions representing workers at its Grangemouth refinery to accept terms that prohibit them from taking action & # 39; strike for three years.

Ineos is the largest investor in the UK fracking, the controversial method and damaging the environment drilling for oil and gas.

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