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Theresa May faces grilling by senior MPs on its agenda Brexit


Theresa May is expected to face grilling from senior MPs on its agenda Brexit seeking to collect its support to treat with & # 39; Brussels.

The Prime Minister is expected to receive intense questioning from committee & # 39; connecting & # 39; Commons, following the Bank of England warned that leaving the EU without agreement can & # 39; lead to economic collapse.

The agreement Mrs May allegedly gained support from prominent leader & # 39; Brexiteer and Andrea Leadsom Commons.

Labourista tabled an amendment to the government motion to approve the agreement & # 39; & # 39 Brussels; Mays f & # 39; attempt to stop "Breched botched" the prime minister.

Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May
Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May

Jeremy Corbyn announced the change as the government revealed that the MPs will have 40 hours – five days & # 39; eight hours – a & # 39; debate, starting 4 & # 39; December, a great vote of 11 & # 39; December.

The MPs will be able to sit six amendments to the vote "significant" government, and Speaker John Bercow select the amendments to be discussed and voted on.

:: PM: The agreement & # 39; Brexit leave the UK "better" despite dire predictions

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The Bank of England warns on collapse & # 39; & # 39; no agreement & # 39;

Labor says its amendment calls on parliament to:

:: Refused the "misunderstanding of & # 39; Brexit" a & # 39; Theresa May because it fails to comply with employment and living standards, workers' rights and environmental standards – provides sufficient guarantees on national security
:: Prevent the United Kingdom strike chaos EU without agreement
:: Keep all options on the table to protect the UK from seamless tapestry, b & # 39; general election as the best outcome for the country

The party says that its amendment fulfill their commitments at the conference of the Labor Party to oppose any agreement that the tractors brought back to meet his six tests, and protect the country from the consequences & # 39; seamless tapestry.

But there is no mention in the amendment of the second referendum, although the shadow Chancellor John McDonnell suggests agreed that it is "inevitable" if Labor can not & # 39; bring general election.

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Adam Parsons & # 39; Sky explains scenarios of & # 39; Breech impact BoE

When it announced the submission of the amendment, Mr Corbyn said: "Work will oppose the agreement & # 39; of & # 39 Breitek, Theresa May to put in & # 39; employment risk, rights and livelihoods.

"There is a sensible agreement can & # 39; win parliamentary support, based on a comprehensive customs union, a British word in future trade agreements, and strong agreement on the single market to protect the rights at work and environmental safeguards and help us rebuild our economy and expand public services.

"However, the worst woresa & # 39; Theresa May worldwide is filling & # 39; away from that lead."

The leader & # 39; the opposition added: "It miserabbli failure of the negotiations from government wasting the last two fights with him, instead of ensuring a better deal with & # 39; EU.

"The Turks m & # 39; have no right to cause chaos to follow emanating from the European Union without an agreement. That is why we will work with all parties in parliament to oppose any agreement."


PMQs: May Corbyn spar on the agreement & # 39; Brexit

While the Labor Party does not meet the second referendum, two leading MPs, former ministers Justine Greening and Jo Johnson will enhance their demands for a new survey at an event & # 39; s vote.

Ms Greening, asking for a "referendum & # 39; consent", says in & # 39; a document outlining its proposals: "Theresa May has negotiated an agreement with & # 39; clearly does not move to support parliament.

"We are going into a crucial week & # 39; m still debate and & # 39; there is no alternative route which dominates the parliament support.

"This means that, as I explained earlier in this year & # 39; in July, the parliament is connected to the road & # 39; forward on our future relationship with & # 39; EU.

"Parliament can not find the British need consensus, so the only sensible and fair solution is to take the final decision & # 39; Brexit the hands of & # 39; stuck in political, & # 39; away by backroom deals, and give back to people to decide.

Ms Greening says there are three practical options & # 39; Brexit, and the public is asked to choose between them. They are:

:: The government negotiated agreement
:: Staying in EU
:: Leave without agreement

The proposals of the secretary of education & # 39; & # 39 previous work, is likely to put MPs in & # 39; amendment between the parties put forward by other Members.

Mr. Johnson, who stopped stops from his job as transport minister earlier this month, says the Conservatives risk election disaster on the scale of 1997 if they return to Mrs plans May .

"This is the worst word all," he will ask. "There is a natural opportunity, now that the deal is agreed, so that we can see to it that the country wants to proceed on this basis.

"Now is the time to make sure we have public support for this major decision in our nation's history.

"The reputation of the Conservative Party for economic competence undermined by the implementation of & # 39; Brexit botched, especially one that suggests an analysis of the government itself, will cause economic damage.

"Brexit is considered a project led by the Conservative Party and this half-baked, the worst worldwide Brexit can & # 39; lead to electoral defeat on the scale of 1997, or worse, b & # 39 ; this label "Tory Brexit". coming years. "

Former Minister of Labor cabinet Hilary Benn, who chairs the select committee of & # 39; MP & # 39; Brexit, also said that it plans to submit an amendment to the government motion.

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