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Tom Brady: New England Patriots quarterback is the man people love selling them despite the state of the GOAT

Tom Brady and the Patriots New England won the Heads of Kansas City
The Road to the Super Bowl LIII
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"Everyone thinks we suck."

These were the words & # 39; Tom Brady just a week ago. Follow & # 39; over seven days and his New England Patriots going to the Super Bowl for the third year after having struggled wish the Kansas City Chiefs in overtime thriller.

LIII Super Bowl will be the ninth & # 39; Brady. The 41-year-old has more Super Bowl appearances than any other franchise in the history of the NFL.

It's the quarterback of the champion & # 39; five times, the goat of American football.

Not bad for a man who had 199 draft choice in the NFL of 2000.

Tom Brady stats
Super Bowl Champion & # 39; five times
Eight Super Bowl appearances
Super Bowl & # 39; four & # 39; times the player
NFL three times the player

Brady share its opinion, particularly in the United States. Sigh t & # 39; eye quickly to show that Twitter is the man that some people seem to like change.

Although it was & # 39; away from the best NFL player (that prize is awarded to quarterback & # 39; Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers), Brady still runs the epitome of & # 39; styles & # 39; life & # 39; celebrity.

Brazilian supermodel Gisele is married to, his personal trainer to fly around the world, and food "treated" his makaroons is raw or flavored ice cream & # 39; avocado.

But he also allegedly brought back up quarterback of the Patriots traded to another team, and he also claimed that ordered the deliberate deflation of the balls used in the game of the 2014-15 AFC Championship. For that act, which rejects Brady, was suspended for four & # 39; games and the Patriots were fined $ 1m.

Despite the mixed appreciation for him, Twitter was the most loving stuffed Tom Brady on Sunday evening.

The president is his biggest fan (and, apparently, vice versa)

He escapes even world champion boxing eight divisions

It's the hero of Captain America

The football players iħobbuh

And even the athletes changed football players & # 39; wannabe

Brady then tightened his haters? Who knows, but they have pushed it a little longer. The 41-year-old wants to play until he at least 45.

But before that time, he earned a Super Bowl LIII against the Los Angeles Rams, and after m & # 39; no doubt it will discuss its virtues again & # 39; other.

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