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When Alfie Moon is find the baby's father & # 39; Hayley Slater? EastEnders spoilers

Alfie Moon & # 39; EastEnders (Shane Richie) brings big shock the next week when he learns Hayley Slater (Katie Jarvis) did not abort after the break & # 39; night and had a pair of newborn daughter. Desperate to win back wife Kat Moon (Jessie Wallace), Alfie must now try to keep the sordid secret to come – can & # 39; is easier said than done.

Despite their distraction, Alfie again & # 39; to give back to Walford won his marriage to another Cat. After tħassretha for cheating with & # 39; barman while they were living in Spain, and to put it an accident that left a young man with bad Bert burned, it seems that all is forgiven when Mr Moon flashing his big wind jgħidilha she must again & # 39; .

Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) panics in unannounced presence of & # 39; Alfie in part & # 39; closing & # 39; Hayley Monday 3 & # 39; December and try to send packing, contrary to the new mum with the child and the clock must continue the pregnancy is asked to complete six months ago.


Mr Moon manages to hear & # 39; the mad & # 39; Jean and re & # 39; back to the party to connect to Cat delighted with & # 39; her sons Bert, Ernie and Tommy, but when cockyer chirpy not pay child to end cylinders do not see it – until Hayley arrives and announces she's the mother, and drops & # 39; penny for Alfie .. .


How do Alfie react to news to daughter?

Tuesday 4 & # 39; December reels as Alfie Hayley smoke in his presence and cuts short the part without a doubt. Later the pair takes a moment alone, and Alfie demands answers from his child wife because she never had an abortion and explain that it's just back to make amendments to & # 39; Cat – and he will not let anything stay slow for a new beginning.

Want to have his cake and eat it, Alf has the audacity to ask Hayley to allow it to be part of the life of their baby but she predicted decline and instead threatens to derail his reignited relationship with & # 39; Cat as he tells it daddy.


Later in the week on Thursday 5 & # 39; December, lovestruck Hayley slows to Alfie as she starts to see both Bubba mean it, but Jean escaping with his manipulation of the vulnerable parent especially when making gesture a grand romantic Cat hoped would seal their reunion.

The Cat found Alfie is the baby's father & # 39; Hayley?

Try to keep everyone happy, but fails to Hayley miserable poor process, Alfie apologize to the single mother Slater – but protective Jean had enough and disclose to Alfie is know to be the baby's father and unless clean for Kat, she will.


The fans will be allowed to ask until the end of next week whether or Hayley Jean esponewx the paternity secret & # 39; Alfie, or if konvinthom to keep quiet hoping that he can & # 39; explain things to Kat itself – or try to just wash the whole thing under the carpet and pretend it never happened while still making number on Hayley to let b & # 39; any way be part of the upbringing of the little girl. .. unless one knows the truth!


Hayley gobby can really keep her mouth shut? Its not reconciled love for man and secret of its cousin like that can & # 39; jagħżelha tieqafha baby and tell everything? After giving it much harder time on its behavior, as Kat would react if she knew that was Alfie & # 39; away from Angel himself? And what about her newfound bond with & # 39; Hayley – you & # 39; because she never protect m & # 39; have asked her husband to stop?

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