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Actors & # 39; Chelsea called for individual meetings & # 39; Sarri after the debacle of & # 39; Tottenham | football


Maurizio Sarri performed one on one meetings with his players & # 39; Chelsea and sought explanation for a perceived lack of & # 39; "Determination" in & # 39; loss at Tottenham Hotspur, with the Italian also critical reaction & # 39; N & # 39; Golo Kante slack for the last of his team team.

Chelsea, who can ask their group Europa League with & # 39; point at home to PAOK Salonika on Thursday, were żbarati early in & # 39; Wembley and left two goals after 16 minutes. Sarri was fast to offer a reminder that the loss of & # 39; eventual 3-1 was the first competitive loss & # 39; the season after his team early & # 39; 18 unexpected appearance, but, having spied signs of & # 39; warning in & # 39; previous device, was hampering the f & # 39; such a key derby.

The head coach spoke individually & # 39; his players on Monday at Cobham in an effort to understand why their performance was so flat. "Talk to them player by player, meeting & # 39; five to ten minutes with the people," said Sarri, will rest against PAOK Eden Hazard after the Belgian suffered an ankle injury at the weekend. "I had to think about everything because, on Saturday, we had a very bad, game without determination.

"That's unusual. I lost one match after three and a half months, 110 days, but we need to understand why, especially the mental aspect. It is very difficult for me to understand why we saw no definition in & # 39; such an important match.

"If m & # 39; have determination, m & # 39; have motivation. If m & # 39; have motivation, maybe m & # 39; have clear goals in & # 39; mind. I wanted to understand it. The problem was also with approach the game in three games & # 39; before [against Crystal Palace, BATE Borisov and Everton], But if you go on the field with & # 39; that approach and opponents are very strong, like Tottenham, Tottenham and determined as they were, the problem is greater. So they were able jeqirduna f & # 39; 15 minutes. But I also saw the same problems in previous matches. "

Asked whether the individual meetings were given an explanation for poor performances, Sarri said: "It is very difficult for them, I think, to tell me why. Very difficult. Some told me someone that maybe the international break was a problem; it was a problem to be immediately 100% ready, but do not know.

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"Maybe it was easier for Tottenham because players & # 39; & # Tottenham had here in 39; London, had Sunday [for England]. On Monday, they were all together [back at their club], But the situation was similar. So, perhaps, can & # 39; be true. But only a small percentage, I think. "

The criticisms of & # 39; Sarri about Kante, is expected to play against PAOK, born midfielder again calls for & # 39; restore the central berth where it was excellent to claim successive Premier League titles with & # 39; Leicester City and Chelsea and the World Cup with & # 39; France. Kante, who signed a new contract worth around £ 290,000 a week on Friday, given a few more attempts at & # 39; this time, b & # 39; Jorginho, the only summer out of the tournament and player around Sarri built the team & # 39; his Napoli, role.

"As you know, I want to have as many technically gifted central midfielder – Jorginho or Cesc Fàbregas", explained Sarri. "I do not want to Kante f & # 39; this position. Kante, in the last match, wanted to settle the match after the first 15 minutes but with & # 39; bad way. He lost his position. He too attacked the other box. And I think that this is one of the best features of & # 39; Kante, but it was just a reaction to the difficulties.

"Maybe it's just a matter of & # 39; time before learning the role. But when the ball is on the other hand, the left, Kante should stand very close & # 39; Jorginho."

Oliver said GIROUD & # 39; Kante "M & # 39; we need to call into question his position. He just needs to adapt to what the manager wants."

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