Tuesday , June 22 2021

Apple launches program & # 39; & # 39 development; app for women entrepreneurs – TechCrunch

Apple looking to better support the founders to identify women through its new Entrepreneur Camp, laboratory technology focused on the development of the app.

The free camp & # 39; weeks, starting at & # 39; in January, gives women founders the opportunity to receive assistance & # 39; one encoding from engineers & # 39; Apple, as well as attend sessions on design, technology and marketing App Store. The idea is that teams helping to alleviate all the time & # 39; development.

To be eligible to participate, the company must be based on women, combined woman or run by women, and has at least one woman in the team & # 39; development. The program is inclusive for all those who identify as women.

For companies that are currently only Android, Entrepreneur Camp can & # 39; an opportunity for them to learn more about the ecosystem & # 39; Apple and get support directly from the creators of technology. For Apple, is an opportunity to increase both the quantity and quality of apps in its store.

"We wanted to focus on women who already have business driven by app, and we do not have jeħtieġuhomx iOS app", Apple Senior Director & # 39; Hare said Esther Marketing Worldwide Developer TechCrunch. "This is not a good idea incubator with respect and we think ngħinuuk through it. It's about who already have a good idea, Maybe they want to incorporate machine learning or augmented reality, or use other technologies & # 39; Apple."

Moreover, Hare provides that this program serves as a bit of & # 39; street creditors, which can help women get more funds. This year, the women founders increased only 2.2% of total investment capital & # 39; risk in the United States, according to PitchBook.

More b & # 39; as widely & # 39 ;, said, "we believe that we can & # 39; have a role in women entered more & # 39; leadership roles" and help women in the workforce.

That is why the program enables major player to bring three members of their team to the laboratory.

"Even if not the most advanced, come to come to the workshop to get support, development & # 39; network and skills," said Hare.

Apple made similar workshops, talks and accelerators in the past, but this is the first one based company focused on women. And while it is specific to women, Hare said "iddiżajna this program with all minorities are underrepresented in & # 39; minds – b & # 39; in particular women & # 39; color".

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