Wednesday , June 23 2021

Donald Glover and project & # 39; mysterious film & # 39; Rihanna have mysterious trailer leaks

Photo: Kevin Winter (Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

Back in & # 39; August, reported that Donald Glover and Rihanna were working something together in & # 39; Cuba, possibly with frequent collaborator Glover (and This is America director) Hiro Mura. It was one of those things where fan pages never heard not managed to discover large spheres, the b & # 39; a way to make them seem more reliable despite their veracity could not be proven, by consensus that Mura has been pushing to Glover and Rihanna movie can & # 39; or could not be called Guava Island. As noted at the time, though, it was quite possible that the fan rumors were totally wrong and that three of them were just hanging in & # 39; Cuba.

Now, even if there were some Guava Island– related movement, still not entirely convinced that this is a true thing. During the week, Glover had his PHAROS festival in New Zealand and showed a trailer Guava Island apparently confirming it is real as well as film, and although the trailer was not publicly released, a filmed version of the fan floating around on social media.

There are a few interesting things in & # 39; this trailer (Letitia Wright!), But one thing we have We note that he pays the film as "Pelicula childish Gambino", linking it with & # 39; persona musical music & # 39; Glover, what kind of & # 39; implies to us that is related to the musical career of & # 39; Glover and not her acting career. Either way, everything we know about the film is courtesy & # 39; leaks, so we have a better idea about all this when / if indeed announced / released.


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