Friday , March 24 2023

Eagles was reportedly the only team that had contact with police about the latest arrest & # 39; Reuben Foster


The Eagles & # 39; Philadelphia were the only NFL team to contact the Police Department & # 39; Tampa regarding the recent arrest that caused the San Francisco 49ers they discharged the first rotation of 2017 to Reuben Foster, according to a report by USA TODAY & # 39; s A.J. Perez.

The fact that the Eagles looked at the situation & # 39; Foster shows that had some level & # 39; linebacker of interest in & # 39; 24 years. Philadelphia was not seriously interested enough to request to waive it, however. If they were, they were the team responded with & # 39; success to him instead of Washington. The Eagles are 5-6 higher than the 6-5 Redskins on the order of & # 39; request for exemption as they have worse overall record.

Perhaps the Eagles had more interest in adding if Foster has undergone waivers and became a free agent. Or maybe not like what they found by the police and decided it was not an option for them.

In any case, Foster is now a member of & # 39; Washington. It is not clear if / when he will be able & # 39; finds himself on the spot since he was placed on the List of Commissioner Relief, which means that he is not eligible to participate in practices or games currently. Washington also issued a statement saying that Foster was necessary through "multiple steps" before it can & # 39; adapted for the day game.

Foster was arrested over the alleged payment & # 39; domestic violence often now. He also dealt with some issues & # 39; damaged during his NFL career. The a & # 39; This Foster Snyder decided it was worth the risk regime, although even contacted the police & # 39; Tampa. 31 all other teams, including the Eagles, decided to pass.

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