Wednesday , September 28 2022

Elton John release a statement after the show & # 39; Orlando canceled


Thousands of & # 39; people were waiting inside Amway Center Tuesday night when it was announced that the performance of & # 39; Elton John canceled because the music legend suffering from an ear infection.

The Amway Center asked the following tweet on Tuesday:

"We are sorry to announce that due to ear infection, Elton John can not make tonight. Date & # 39; Orlando scheduled to be announced in the near future so please keep your ticket."

Representatives & # 39; Amway later confirmed that the concert will definitely be planned for a later date.

The official page & # 39; Twitter & # 39; Elton John released the following statement:

"We are sincerely sorry for everyone due to attend shows in Orlando and Tampa on the night tonight.

Elton was on course & # 39; antibiotics to fight ear infection and it was expected that they lead to infection in time to play the show & # 39; Orlando. Elton had traveled to the place but after further consultation with doctors before they took the stage, the decision was taken on their advice sadly still was not good enough to perform.

Elton and his band play 100% live and painful & # 39; indebolut ears hearing and was not able to deliver the performance that his supporters deserve. It will take a few days & # 39; rest to allow the infection to clarify and both will be rescheduled as soon as & # 39; possible. "


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