Tuesday , March 28 2023

Fortnite Sit & # 39; 200 million Participant


In case it was not already clear, many people Fortnite. Now, Epic crossed other specifications regarding its popular game battle royale.

The developer has confirmed to Wall Street Journal now reached 200 million players worldwide, which is up 60 percent from 125 million active figure Epic revealed back in & # 39; June. That very solid growth. Not only that, but Epic has confirmed that the game reached the highest user record at the same time & # 39; 8.3 million players, which by & # 39; February came from 4.3 million concurrent player.

It is not immediately clear whether the 200 million and 8.3 million players figure simultaneously cover both free Fortnite: Battle Royale and the Save the World paid mode. Whatever the case, the royale way & # 39; battle is definitely much more popular.

Fortnite In other news, the game added a new feature & # 39; gifts as part of the new new update 6.31 released today and also added a new and way more. You & # 39; to learn more about the update 6.31 in coverage & # 39; GameSpot here.

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