Sunday , May 28 2023

Houston company plans Collaboration on Exercise in space technology


Houston-based Space Axiom, working to build a commercial space station, announced Monday on the Partnering With That a Danish company to Collaborate on Exercise as human technology and performance monitoring in space.

Axiom Has Agreed to use technologies Danish Aerospace Co.'s systems whens budgets-taking-the first mission to International Space Station. The news release did not say whens Print Would mission, though-the Chronicle Previously Reported That, for $ 55 million, Axiom Will people to fly-the International Space Station starting in 2020.

The Details: Houston-based Space Axoim Offering trips ABOVES Earth – for $ 55 million

NASA in August That axiom Was announced 13 companies amongs Selected to study-the future of commercial spaceflight as human in low-Earth orbit, includingï¼ Chances for-the International Space Station.

Axiom plans to Send Humans to-the International Space Station, Increase Chances in-the demand for commercial low-Earth orbit and THENI help transition the-government-the-Funded International Space Station to Station axiom.

Danish Aerospace Physiological building the wireless monitors and compact equipment capable of supporting body Exercise in Humans and Other extreme Environments space.

The two companies ALSO Will Explore using Danish Aerospace's ergometer FERGO budgets and multi-function system are on the Exercise future Axiom Station. Danish Aerospace Previously Developed ergometer, bicycle-like Exercise equipment, Used in-the space shuttle program.

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