Thursday , October 28 2021

Lack of Sleep Could BE damaging Your child's health


DID you think Your Child Never would have a sleep issue again an after experiencing Problems During their toddler-years? Did you think Waking up in the wee hours of the-the-morning and would Cease Nightmares?

Has Your reverted back to their primary school child sleeping Having Troubles? The teen TIRED Your Every morning seemingly From a Lack of Sleep?

These issues are not unusual, in fact up to 40 per cent of teens and children 'Problems Getting To have or staying asleep.

The Good News That theres are the simple lifestyle Changes and Behavior Strategies to help you can IMPLEMENT To Improve Your Child or Teen their sleep.

Get the basics right

SEVERAL ANSWERS POSSIBLE Previous columns As in, the-Bedtime routine and Environmental Factors are crucial in encouraging Good sleeping habits.

Maybe you addressed These whens They were a toddler, pocket bad habits have kicked in over-the-time Disrupting routine or around the Environment Changing Your Child.

Take a moment to consideri Could BE WHETHER These issues leading-the sleep problem.

Are you allowing Your child to stay-up later? They are overstimulated From time evening television or tablet? Has Been significantly changed their bedroom? The there's too much light? The it too cold or hot?

It's worth Exploring These issues as a simple ADJUSTMENT BE mights That is needed for.

Daytime activity Influence-the evening's sleep

What does Your child or teen During the-day Has a Huge Influence on Behavior and their sleeping patterns. Physical activity and healthy eating are key Both Influence.

Your child NEEDS to BE healthy eating During the-day and shouldnt BE Avoiding over-indulging in caffeine.

Planning-the evening meal the important ALSO. If Your child does not eat Enough They Will Be Hungry at Bedtime, or ow They eat too much They May Feel Uncomfortable as well and unables to fall asleep.

Physical activity ALSO the important. Your child NEED TO BE using their energy stores and moving around During the-day, their body will not OTHERWISE Want to go to sleep as it will not BE TIRED Enough!

The Your Child From Anxiety preventing sleeping?

Sometimes a child's Sleeping With Your issues are-nothing to do With Physical health routine or home-the Environment, Rather something to the going on in their life That is worrying them.

If Your Child Worried about the anxious or something to, They can find it Difficult to go to sleep. Whiles they're Lying in bed they do not have toys or games to friends or distracts them, it's time for their perfect-the Worries to preoccupy them.

It's worth something to the ow Your ASKING child on their mind and to deal With it straight away. Print Can Be as simple as acknowledging with them and reassuring them That Will Help you in-the-morning With The problem.

Knowing their parent Will help them worrys With their in-the-morning the usually Enough for a child to Feel Better and Cease worrying.

If you Wish to talk to a medical specialist about Print or ANY Other child health issue you can visit a Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service child health center at Margaret Rose Center, 312 Bourbong St, Bundaberg; The Village, 34 Torquay Rd, Hervey Bay; Bauer or-the-Wiles Community Health Center, 167 Neptune Street, Maryborough. Alternatively, call WBHHS Your local child health team on:

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