Saturday , June 25 2022

Paris Hilton breaks silence an after lending transaction engagement to fiance Chris Zylka: I'm doing really Good '


Nearly a week an after calling off her engagement to Chris Zylka, Opening up about the Paris Hilton-the split.

"I'm doing really Good," the 37-year-old hotel heiress said on Wednesday's episode of "The Talk." "I'm just really Having my me time."

She Continued, "I Feel That whens I just fall in love, I fall in love fast and hard. Print It Was a whirlwind romance and I've ALWAYS Been Obsessed With Disney stories and love stories, and I thought it Was going to my happy BE lending transaction and I just realized an after-the-time That was not the right decision. "

Despites breaking off their engagement, Zylka Hilton Wants to Be Happy.

"I Wish Him-the best," SHE said.

Whiles SHE hope to eventually find love and start a family one day, Hilton's main Concern the chasing her career right now.

"You know, one day, I would love to get married and have children ', for pocket right now I'm just focusing on myself and my work," SHE said.

Page Six Previously Reported That Zylka Hilton and split because SHE Was "busy working and SHE-the guy realized he was not for her," a source told us.

Meanwhile, we-the news broke That an after their split, Want's Zylka-the $ 2 million engagement ring back, even though he did not pay for the in-the-first place.

Originally this article appeared on Page Six.

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