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Senate Sitting & # 39; Mississippi What we have learned from the last Senate race of 2018


However, the victory & # 39; Hyde-Smith and size (relatively small) of & # 39; it make much sense when placed in the context of & # 39; this cycle & # 39; election. Here five takeaways for Mississippi race and why was the way they did.

1. The result looked like x & # 39; & # 39 waiting in; condition & # 39; blue wave

Mississippi is really a red state. President Donald Trump rebaħha with 18 points in 2016. So f & # 39; political environment in which the Democrats are to win the national vote with & # 39; high single digits, do not expect to win Democratic Senate seat in Mississippi. Rather, we expect that we are getting closer by Hillary Clinton in 2016. This is exactly what happened.

When you have used the results of other Senate races & # 39; this year and checked for expertise and past presidential vote, predicted Hyde Smith winning & # 39; about 7 percentage points. That's right around the margins ended up winning by.

2. Comments & # 39; Hyde-Smith probably iweġġgħuha

Back in the primary when Democrats and all Republicans mexxu against each other, the kkombinaw Republicans 58% of the vote to the Democrats 42% of the vote. In our iperpolarizzata political climate, you can expect to Hyde-Smith captures pretty much votes from other Republicans. Remember her Republican opponent in & # 39; one round was more conservative Chris McDaniel, whose voters are inclined to vote for Espy.

Instead, Espy gained about 5 points in landings b & # 39; link with the share of the primary vote & # 39; 41%. His performance in the state seems to be better than any Democratic Senate candidate in 30 years.

3. Trump helped Republicans in 2018 Senate races

It is not entirely clear whether the visit & # 39; Trump at the last minute to Mississippi made no difference. What helped Hyde-Smith though is that Trump is very good in the state.

The Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith win Senate Mississippi in the United States among racial controversy
Survey & # 39; direct interviews RRH elections called landlines and mobile phones taken before the water hike had the approval rating of & # 39; Trump f & # 39; 56% among those who finished. (The College Maristiku survey last month was rating his endorsement & # 39; 56% among all voters.) Hyde-Smith, who was tied very closely to the president, would win almost all approvaturi. The results of & # 39; evening show to vote.
Inserted in the larger picture Senate, the Republicans have done well in solid red states. They could receive a net gain of & # 39; two seats in 2018 partly because there were five democratic operators were working in states won by Trump & # 39; 19 points or more in 2016. The republican won three of those five seats. They also maintained on both Republicans seats that were intended for less competitive vaguament (Mississippi and Tennessee) in states that have been around red.

4. The democratic hopes of the future are among educated voters in college at & # 39; non-rural areas

The great history & # 39; 2018 election was how the Democrats could win the traditionally educational voters rated the Republican. The exit polls show that rebaħhom b & # 39; margin & # 39; 20 points in the vote of 2018 House.

Mississippi was exactly the wrong place to see one in action. The state ranks 49th in the country for adults with a degree of & # 39; college.

Moreover, the Democrats have done very well in cleaning f & # 39; urban and suburban areas. For example, m & # 39; no one Republican representative in & # 39; congressional district is completely urban.

Mississippi, though, ranks in the top 5 for the population living in & # 39; rural area.

5. Alabama victory & # 39; Doug Jones occurred in & # 39; unique circumstances

Many of the Democrats had hoped that the red deep state of & # 39; Mississippi end up like a deep red Alabama after Hyde-Smith got herself & # 39; hot water.

The opponent & # 39; Jones, Roy Moore, did not respect the election. It decreased by & # 39; Substantial its previous state race for state supreme court. Hyde-Smith won 61% of the vote in the race before his State of the Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce. The charges & # 39; sexual misconduct against Moore were the final straw, while Hyde-Smith had space.
Perhaps as important, the approval rating of & # 39; trump national level was & # 39; about 6 points lower during the election & # 39; Alabama than it is now.

That's why we keep an eye on going until 2020. If his approval rating is now where, the Republicans will suffer, but do not lose at & # 39; red areas in depth. If you drop, Trump will not only bring defeat, can & # 39; Republicans bring down even in the Deep South.

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