Saturday , June 25 2022

SoCal leukaemias patient expecting twins finds perfect donor match


A Southern California woman Pregnant With twins Has found-the perfect bone-marrow donor Weeks just an after strating viral her touching story.

A record-breaking number of people Potential To Be Signed up bone-marrow Donors following a story about Susie Rabaça, Who Was in NEED of a transplant.

She the due to give birth by the Dec. 6 and Was in Desperate Need of a bone-marrow transplant to help her treat leukaemias.

With days of her story airings Nov. 22 on ABC7, Registered Almost 40,000 people-the Be The Match registry for.

More information about Potential Becoming a blood stem cell donor here Available From the Be The Match.

A bone marrow transplant Can Be a potentially life-saving procedure for thoses With leukaemias. But for-the process to work, the-donor Need To Be A close match. Theres are some 30 million people are on the registry Worldwide.

The Rabaça Already a mother of three. Her sister a 50 Percent the match, pocket Doctors say it's not Good Enough to treat her acute myeloid leukaemias aggressive.

She needed a 100 Percent Match, pocket Rabaça's mixed heritage – Latino and Caucasian – thought made Difficult Finding a donor.

Rabaça and her family experienced been on a mission to sign up as Potential Donors as MANY POSSIBLE.

The registry of the people NEED particularly in mixed ethnic heritage for MANY With Other Potential Recipient without a match.

Officials said the-Registry Thousands of new Donations were more ethnically Diverse Than average.

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