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The cops Visit Blac Chyna After Call Statements It was Drank, neglected the Dream

Blac Chyna

Cops called the Home …

Following the request, was shrank and disregarding Dream

01/20/2019 9:05 PT PM


Blac Chyna LAPD was at her home after entering call arguing that Chyna was intoxicated and neglected her child.

Sources of law enforcement tell an anonymous person called on Sunday & # 39; evening and stated that Chyna had drunk her home. Callers stated that Chyna had such bad form that, she could not properly take care t Dream Kardashian.

Cops went in the house & # 39; Chyna and determined that all was well, no one was drunk, and intends Dream was taking well. There was also a nanny at home.

Sources close to the situation tell us earlier night, Chyna went to fight with & # 39; team member of its glam and the incident could & # 39; led to call the cops.

As irrappurtajna – Chyna allegedly threw a drink in "Love & Hip Hop"star Alexis Skyy the other week – in response to hanging out with Skyy & # 39; Rob Kardashian. Rob stazzjona video & # 39; a Skyyturned a few days later.

We have come a rep for Chyna … s & # 39; now, no word back.

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