Tuesday , March 21 2023

The protector of A8s Screen & # 39; Galaxy "by leaking Hole Camera Display


The Galaxy A8s is rumored to be the first smartphone of Samsung brand to carry b & # 39; camera hole exhibition, and a new leak from China add a little more fuel to the fire. If you look at the image provided, noting the protector of the alleged screen Galaxy A8s, and it's really not hard to notice the display of the camera hole in the corner of & # 39; top left of Atari 39; this screen protector. Moreover, this screen protector also exporting tiny cutting the telephone earpiece in part & # 39; on, while the bottom is easier bisel bit thicker than & # 39; on. Judging by the screen protector, the Galaxy A8s can actually be almost completely with sieklu, other than the hole of the camera display, of course. This screen protector actually seems bent on the side a bit, but probably this is just a sign that A8s the Galaxy will sporti glass ripple in addition to his performance, not that its performance is distorted or nothing. The hole exhibition called camera to measure the diameter & # 39; 6.7mm, and judging by b & # 39; this image, it can & # 39; really happens, because what the display looks pretty big holes.

Background: Samsung been examining the arrival of & # 39; the A8s Galaxy a few weeks back, and during its press conference, the company has in fact suggested that the device will show a hole camera in display. The company patented designs such as quite a few recently, but it remains to be seen when the phone becomes official. The A8s the Galaxy will be part of the range of & # 39; Galaxy range of the company. Series & # 39; devices, not all surprising, given that Samsung loves showing new features and design indications media & # 39; medium. The first Samsung phone to three cameras on the side firm belongs in the Galaxy A series, the same goes for the smart phone first company kwadur, the Galaxy A9. The Galaxy A8s are currently expected to launch very soon, but still to be seen when, because the company has not ħabbretx date or anything.

Impact: The A8s Galaxy X & # 39; likely will not be the only Telephone & # 39; Samsung to use the camera hole the display, not for long, since the expected company introduces a number of & # 39 ; Such phones in 2019. In fact, the Galaxy S10 is expected to show a hole camera to the display, at least if the rumors are created, although the S10 Galaxy will show curved display (at least some variants), and thinner displays the Galaxy A8s , suggesting that the Galaxy S10 can & # 39; actually it completely with sieklu, but there is a catch, of course, that hole in the camera display. These are only rumors for the time being, though, we'll have to wait for February next year, when the company is expected to announce the Galaxy S10, so we can see x & # 39; it is exactly Samsung in store for us in 2019. While we wait for this to happen, the Galaxy A8s almost certainly will become official, the chances are that the phone will be launched before the end of the year, but as already mentioned, nothing has not been established.

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