Sunday , June 26 2022

Total Bellas comes back, b & # 39; 100% less John Cena


total Divas shows the final episode of its eighth place on E! tonight (weds., Nov. 28).

But fret, fans of the franchise Totes! You'll only last about six weeks without new episodes of & # 39; & # 39 series; your favorite WWE-adjace reality. This is because it was confirmed by all those involved Divas spin-off total Bellas will return for the fourth & # 39; his season on Sun Jan 13!

And in view of the trailer & # 39; above, the focus should be on the return of & # 39; Nikki & Brie in the ring and new life & # 39; Nicole after John Cena.

Here's the official synopsis:

"The Bella Twins and Daniel Bryan are back with a new season & # 39; Total Bellas, premiering Sunday, 13 & # 39; in January, at 9/8 C on E!.

The new season & # 39; Total Bellas will follow to Nikki Bella as it moves & # 39; forward with its new life as a wife and lift it back into the dating group for the first time in & # 39; about ten years, and allows Brie play matching and ssettilha on dates. The twin Superstar return to the circle b & # 39; focus and renewed fervor to begin the road to the event & # 39; pay-per-view ever was the first female in WWE, WWE Evolution. Brie and Bryan discuss to expand their family, but with & # 39; they both return to competition on rings and & # 39; away from Birdie, they must decide whether now is a good time to add some baby other in combination.

The 4 season & # 39; Total Bellas underway Nikki, you're looking for a change, decide spontaneously you want to move to Los Angeles, but these plans are put in & # 39; place where WWE asks Brie and Nikki to compete in Evolution. Nikki decide to plant its roots in & # 39; San Diego where she can & # 39; & # 39 by train, Brie for the historic event & # 39; WWE. Meanwhile, Brie and Bryan talk about how to try baby number two, but has reservations Brie not sharing with her husband. "

Nary mentioned & # 39; Face Who Used To Run The Place, the man whose castle was set for the first season & # 39; this series. His name will be called, or will he just escape the show as a ghost who can not see?

Cut & # 39; getting harmonize the next year to find out. Or, you know, and I am talking here myself (and probably Sheamus) … not.

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