Friday , March 24 2023

Trump retweets image of US deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein behind bars, for treason '


Donald Trump Has retweeted a mocked up image of a range-the president of Figures considerin Enemies behind bars, includingï¼ HIS deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein.

The tweet, Which Was posted by an account called The Trump Train, ALSO INCLUDE Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Robert Mueller, With The caption: "Now That Russia collusion the a proven lie, whens do-the trials for treason Begin? "

Minutes Earlier, Mr. Trump posted on-the social media platform to attack the-mainstream media and Mr. Mueller's Investigation Into Trump campaign POSSIBLE collusion With Russia.

"Whiles the-disgusting Fake News the doing everything WITHIN their power not to report it That way, at least-three major players are intimating That-the Angry Mueller Gang of Lib the viciously Telling Witnesses to lie about Facts & They Will get relief," he wrote .

"THIS is our Joseph McCarthy Era!"

The president ALSO retweeted by three posts-the-trump account supporting body, Which attacked illegal immigrants, CNN, and car company General Motors.

Trump Defend Use of tear gas

One particularly inflammatory Mr. Trump shared tweet read: "Illegals can get up to $ 3874 a month Under Federal Assistance program. Our social security checks are on average $ 1200 a month.

"If you agree RT: If you were not born into-the United States, you shouldnt Receives $ 0 assistance."

It is not clear wherein the-claim about illegal immigrants Receiving Thousands in Federal assistance Comes From, From a pocket to originate Could Widely debunked Allegation about Refugees Receiving the-payment in Canada.

The president's sharing of-the tweet he Suggest ALSO BELIEVE in-the-only people born shouldnt Receives US government financial assistance.

Mr. Trump later retweeted a pair of month-old posts accusing Ms. Clinton, HIS PRESIDENTIAL Democratic opponent in 2016-the election, of Racism.

One tweet, by right-wing activist, said: "Hillary said 'all black people look the-Same – incredibly racists Thing to say Hillary!"

The place Was accompanied by a video in an INTERVIEWER Which Ms. Clinton mocked for confusing Former attorney general Eric Holder and Senator Cory Booker, Who Both are black. The comment Was Widely Reported at-the-time.

The White House Has Been contacted for comment.

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