Friday , March 24 2023

Twitter censors most Conservatives | Herald Sun


Twitter seems determined to destroy his own website by prohibiting interesting contributors, to be witty to win, horror & # 39; shock, conservative. The later sent to Gulag Twitter is a veteran of the fight against the Marine Corps, radio host and political pundit Jesse Kelly.

The cleaning & # 39; & # 39 Twitter may; initiated with & # 39; contentious disputes go & # 39; very far but Kelly himself as predicted in & # 39; August, f & # 39; piece for federalist, was never going to stop there:

Many on the left and the right have a chance the last week when Alex Jones was eliminated from Facebook. Ssospendah Twitter post. While it is not surprising to see the jackals on the left cheer the burning & # 39; Books, hopefully folks on the right look in the mirror and realize that their time is soon. The left will not stop (and not ceased) in nutty Alex Jones, because they think they are very different from it. You think correctly that your belief in immigration enforcement is very different from the conspiracy theory on his sleepy Sandy Hook. But you must understand the left think both are equally vile. They just knew that Jones was a weak member of the herd. They can jittellgħuh a test run. Then they come to you.

The same people who gave up control of public education, the federal bureaucracy, the media, movies and music to the left again & # 39 others, found another poorly hill to die. "Only social media", they say. Yeah, fear & # 39; e. About 2.5 billion people use Facebook and Twitter. S & # 39; is the worst that can & # 39; happen if we just let them leave?

Kelly does not know why it was banned. Maybe he committed the sin again absurd & # 39; "destruction" that Twitter was considered an act of & # 39; hatred can not be fought.

There was a double standard on the platform to see the conservative pugnacious accounts and right gathered while progressuri blue tick wishing death and disease on their political opponents and to enjoy more listening than eyes are immune from censorship.

I wrote about the site hostility to conservative back in & # 39; April:

Trying to convince sensible and productive adults to earn their eyes on the Twitterverse can & # 39; be a true exercise particularly if they, like more than 90 percent of the population, are x & # 39; nowhere Right & # 39; Sarah Hanson-Young on the political spectrum.

"Why would I leave I want my time on that pit?" It is a common reaction.

One colleague, without my argument that Twitter can & # 39; useful, informative and entertaining if you simply acknowledging its shortcomings, connect to participate in the social media network to keep your head in & # 39; clean tank.

But swimming in & # 39; that the toilet, among social justice activists, sad trolls and ċelebriti observers, are most of the mainstream and new media; One can not underestimate the influence of & # 39; Twitter on the determination of & # 39; what you read or see on the news & # 39; evening. For genuine conservative and centrist to overlook site only makes it unrepresentative.

Trump masterfully utilized the site to run rings around most of the media, who seem unable to understand why he won. But one wonders if his account was to remain & # 39; alive, but for the leader of the free world. The last week, the CEO & # 39; Twitter, Jack Dorsey, has strengthened its worst impressions and the site by promoting the praise mittieħa writing to promote the conservative be banished from public life.

The chilling truth is that Dorsey, and his cohorts & # 39; Silicon Valley minded, have the power to even those who do not share their world.

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