Tuesday , June 28 2022

Carlos Vives after defending his daughter naked in & # 39; social networks


The daughter & # 39; irrevoluzzjona Carlos Vives in different social networks & # 39; & # 39 b several occasions, burning photographs which appear naked, but her father has come to its defense. According to him, pictures & # 39; his daughter there for a good cause.

F & # 39; interview to People en Español, the Colombian singer spoke about her role as a father and also his daughter, the model Lucy Vives, who was in the public arena for its daring pictures.

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"Lucy is in her studies in New Orleans. He likes studying psychology, but sociology, activism. It is a defender of women's rights. She was an activist at the university. It is quite controversial with & # 39; that topic. Likes photography. He likes to use his body to give a message "Vives commented, defends girl & # 39; 22 years.

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