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Caught involved the dismantling of CICPC


Press Lara | Agencies– Official – National guard caught on a trail that links the town of Venezuela & # 39; San Antonio del Tachira with & # 39; La Parada in Colombia a man identified as Pulgar Leovardo Sánchez, Which is related to – killing diżmembrament a & # 39; officer of the Scientific Body and & # 39; Criminal Investigations (CICPC) and its partner, the fact it was made Wednesday, 21 & # 39; November.

It is assumed that Pulgar Sánchez Try going from Venezuela to Colombia Tachira River that divides the left, under the International Bridge & # 39; Simón Bolívar and there were those intercepted a uniform, when did the inspection body, found an automatic weapon.

The man was taken to headquarters & # 39; gap 212 military component above which stated that Pulgar Sánchez made Glock pistol in his possession, two porters unpacked, a card & # 39; Bolivarian National Armed Force with the degree of & # 39; & # 39 in master; Leovardo name Pulgar Jose Sánchez, for transport by & # 39; weapon arising from the management of the piston and also in explosives & # 39; name Pulgar Leovardo José Sanchez, among other items.

At the time when human data was subject to the review of the Comprehensive System & # 39; Police Information, realized that Sánchez Pulgar is required by the third court of state control Barinas for crimes & # 39; intentional homicide qualified, theft & # 39; motor vehicle and association to commit a crime under SP03-2018-0025 dispute, corresponding to the double murder & # 39; Leyrri Osmar BAUTERS Ramirez, the CICPC officer and Albayearling Tiapa Méndez.

informative Source: El Nacional.

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