Sunday , April 2 2023

Correos del Caroni – Las Aguilas ended fly wind for


Maracaibo.- The series & # 39; weekends between Aguilas del Zulia and Bravos de Margarita was an extreme struggle between the two teams, who have done everything it took to win, but clusters dominated the day on Sunday and won 5-4 at the Stadium Luis Aparicio "The Great" of & # 39; Maracaibo.

The game was for everyone, but in the eighth, Humberto Arteaga hit triple, and was then towed by José Tabata, a sacrifice fly to left field.

"We managed to win the game. I felt a little pressure, but with & # 39; experience in the league, I knew x & # 39; have done. It was hard pitcher (Rick Teasley), but I trusted in & # 39; hands to come up with Output, "said Tabata to IVC channel. "It was like a cutter, who went to take a look & # 39; forward. I also thank the public appoġġna until the last moment."

Does & # 39; Carlos García on his bat, the pitcher Reiner Roibal sent uncontrolled ball and allowed the island players to open the score in the top of the second inning.

Later, in the same section, mating said they were present and, in the second home run of the campaign Jairo Pérez, were placed three in & # 39; one, to have a pair of & # 39; runners in circulation a batter back full gardener.

The visitors were few discounted result, because in the next chapter, Daniel Mayora batted for doubleplay, but the highway collapsed & # 39 ;, enabled Olmo Rosario to score beforehand.

Treatment was shot and give me two NOVENS, in the quarter because the locals managed fourth & # 39; score in the score, b & # 39; shot from the center of one & # 39; surfer rookie Alejandro Salazar, who sent Alberto Gonzalez to score a half.

However, in the fifth inning, the neoespartanos went to equality, to take advantage of small games and errors committed by rivals.

First, Rosario sacrificed himself in to touch the ball and the pitcher Elvis Araujo missed the shot, and Carlos García increased home plate. Then Mayora has again b & # 39; double killing, but served to set the parity on the board.

In the ninth & # 39; Jeffeson came to Medina to end the game and although man was on the base, sublime defender & # 39; condemned the bowl game. Eduardo Paredes Teasley won and took the loss. by

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