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The dollar price in Venezuela it was above 4 digital bolivars over the weekend, amid the warning from the electoral rector that the European Union (EU) observation in the country is verified.

At the opening, exchange rate It was trading at 4.09 bolivars per dollar in the parallel or informal market, according to data from the platform DollarToday.

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The rector of Venezuela’s electoral body, Enrique Márquez, said that the European Union’s mission to observe the regional and local elections of 21 November is in control, after the high representative for Foreign Affairs of the community bloc, Josep Borrell, conditioned the “legitimacy” of the Government of Nicolás Maduro to the report of the observers.

His statements I obviously reject; I want to do it as rector of the CNE (National Electoral Council) because they are inconvenient and put the European mission under control.“Márquez told the VPI online station after being asked about Borrell’s statements.

The European politician explained that, in his opinion, what will “legitimize or delegitimize” the Venezuelan government will be what the report prepared by the mission says, a few words criticized and harshly rejected, especially among the Chavista ranks, given that they do not comply with the agreement signed between the CNE and the EU, which includes the obligation to respect the sovereignty of the people.

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The rector, who emphasized his institutional position, indicated that if he paid attention to the “document signed by EU representatives in Brussels” and read “Borrell’s statements” it could appear that the European high representative “He made a mistake, because this diplomatic issue is very delicate.”

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