Saturday , June 25 2022

Google expand its mobile service for iPhones and other technology brands


Photo: Archive

Photo: Archive


the – American multinational Google announced the expansion Wednesdaymobile phone and your data In Google service, known until now In Project, including iPhones and many brands operate with & # 39; Android.

At the entry to the blog of the company, Google indicated that this service, substantially cheaper than contracts & # 39; classic providers of telephony when jumping from network to network depending on where the user is, is available today for Samsung devices, LG, Moto and OnePlus.

The version of & # 39; the iPhone, the most surprising & # 39; all because of the rivalry that the Mountain View-based company (California, USA) adhere to & # 39; Apple, is available in beta.

In Google is an alternative to plans & # 39; traditional calls and data, instead of always operating under & # 39; one supplier, connect the network & # 39; one that offers the best sign in & # 39; each time.

This service is available from 2015 to users in the United States. at a much lower cost than classic plans ($ 20 a month for calls and messages and 10 for data), but & # 39; are now confined to a very small number of & # 39; devices, including Google Pixel.

The networks that connect Google In are those of the cellular providers Sprint, T-Mobile and the US, in addition to connect the Wi-Fi signals whenever possible.


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