Thursday , June 30 2022

He Jiankui, Chinese scientists defend the effectiveness of its study


The geneticist – acknowledging that his experiment was not endorsed by any official institution – He assured that the twins allegedly GM, Lulu and Nana, "born with & # 39; healthy and happy", thanks to in vitro fertilization with & # 39; technology & # 39; GM "to prevent them from being infected with HIV '.

However, he then announced that it will stop in its clinical trials "because of the controversy" that arose.

"All the commotion is due to the secretion of & # 39; news about my study, "it is estimated that" sooner than expected", While the moderator of the conference, Robin Lovell-Badge, Confirmed that the organizers did not know anything about the experiment.

The scientist was "proud" using techniques of gene editing CRISPR / Cas9 and stressed that the study did not aim to eliminate genetic diseases, but "gives girls the ability natural "to withstand possible future infection & # 39; HIV.

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