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I am not engaged in stone & # 39; or & # 39 Carry; Andrade


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Emily Sarache / 28 Nov 2018.- Luis Chataing known broadcaster, after statements & # 39; son & # 39; Alejandro Andrade, decided to publish video on his Facebook social network in which it assures that it must be marked as "entered" b & # 39; message is posted via his Twitter five years ago.

"I will answer for both groups & # 39; people who are in social networks, the first to uninformed people and another for cretins, seeking to make dirty campaign the only thing to follow is Venezwani to share ", said Chataing. video

And continued: "In the last few ċċirkulaw hours tweet which I published five years ago, which named Seguros La Vitalicia, and & # 39; this publication, people are seen to believe it was subject connected with the maquiladora of & # 39; Raúl Carry and Alejando Andrade, which is not a thing & # 39; opinion, it is impossible in my case ".

He also expressed "For the purposes of the & # 39; God, if there is something that nobody can & # 39; is plugged find me."

"I think the most important thing is to celebrate that justice is being made, albeit 10 years in prison m & # 39; is nothing for offenses committed by Andrade and what Carry done, we will see that in the Carry case", he concluded.

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