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Isabel Allende, the first Spanish author to receive the National Literature Award & # 39; USA ★ piensachile.com


Isabel Allende is one of the most important writers in Latin America.

Her 22 novels – including "The House of the Spirits "," Paula "and" Eva Luna"- sold over 70 million copies in 42 languages ​​worldwide.

Kirsty Wark, the BBC presenter, over and Sausalito (California, USA), where the author of the successful Ċilell born in Peru lives, to jintervistaha season in the 100 Women occasion.

Allende talked about his life, full & # 39; twists and unexpected events, about the early death of & # 39; daughter Paula and the feminiżmu.

She also said she believes what responsibility it has in front of her readers, because it is one of the most milqugħinha authors of & # 39; letters in Spanish.

In your memoirs "The Invented Country" Your say: "Chile was a country hypocritical, full & # 39; unscrupulous about sex and senswalità". For passionate people like you, do not feel anything stagnant?

It was totally terrible Chile. Moreover, I belong to a very conservative and Catholic family, so it was also in my context.

From an early age I & # 39; see the disadvantage born wife, and yet.

Despite all that women have achieved, I feel that men have better conditions.

Isabel Allende with a cover of her book

You worked in the magazine & # 39; Paula, which hit Chile like a hurricane. They wrote about taboo topics, women's sexuality, what was so extraordinary for Ċiljani?

There were many things which people did not speak or publish anything. Then this magażina appeared.

We were young journalists we have read feminist books from the UK, USA, … were filled ideas.

We do not care about anything. We were difianti and rebellious, and it was fun.

We started publishing articles and interviews on topics that nobody had publicly spoken in Chile, such as abortion, infidelity, adultery, prostitution, drugs, things that were taboo.

My grandfather was totally awful. He could not believe that someone of his blood was writing this kind of & # 39; thing.

But then the coup & # 39; military takeover split your family.

Everything Everywhere divided not only my family. I think that all families in Chile have someone who suffered repression.

They separate families, couples. When the circle & # 39; repression turned over, got scared & # 39 ;.

As I left the country?

I went to Venezuela because it was one of the few remaining democratic countries in Latin America.

It was f & # 39; Caracon for 13 years and I finished loved that country and its people.

Leaving fell to & # 39; in love with & # 39; American and I came here before we had democracy in Chile.

Isabel Allende

I regret not returned in Chile?

I do not niddispjaċini nothing because the important events in my life occurred to me though. They were not under my control: the fact that my father left, who lived with my grandfather, who was a stranger, a political refugee, immigrant … made all this happened, decided by fate, karma, or who knows x & # 39; it is, I just lived a life offrutajtni.

Saying that helped earn literature & # 39; & # 39 chain; hate f & # 39; irqajk.

When forced to leave a place, when leaving everything behind, when you feel that everything that was familiar love you lost, you have fever, you feel that you have something due, something has been stolen from you.

But completely overcome those feelings thanks for writing.

Your books have been translated into & # 39; 42 languages, but you're still writing in Spanish.

Yes, I write fiction in Spanish. Fiction happen here (pointing to the stomach), happens in the brain.

So I did not nipproċessa the fiction in English, with dictionaries. No.

Do you think Spanish?

Yes. Running Spanish, I pray in Spanish, I love Spanish … I feel I ridiku in English (laughs).

Tell me about "The House & # 39; Spirits", which began as a letter to your grandfather. S & # 39; do you tell him?

Remember everything he told me. He told me many stories and do not want to think that they were lost. Kellihom all me.

He died nearly 100 years, which is the natural order of things. But the loss of & # 39; Paula daughter, who was so unexpected …

When my daughter died, I did work longer and more grim winter of my life.

My mom told me "nothing else ever happens to you, you have been through hell, so the rest of your life would be easier". He was absolutely right.

Barack Obama put the Medal of Freedom to Isabel Allende.

Isabel Allende receive the National Medal Book Award from the hands of & # 39; former President Barack Obama

Now that she is not here, I keep writing & # 39; letters, with the idea that there is wireless internet in the other world (laughs), and read her letters, one day, because I do not want to get bored.

M & # 39; there is no more akklamata woman in Spanish literature from you. Do you feel that this generates some responsibility?

Not more than the first book. I have the responsibility to write in the best way I can and I do not think anything can & # 39; to give ideas to some psikopati.

I know a lot about torture, the rape. I base. Seeing the cases. I consider the cases, but nagħtix details, I do not want to give ideas to others.

But when I talk about love, sex, things that I think people should know and enjoy, I'm more explicit.

I have a responsibility to my readers not to create more disorder, more psychological evil.

Are you a spiritual person?

M & # 39; I am a religious person. But I believe there are many more than we can see. Certain forms of & # 39; transcendence, and that everything has spirit.

Do not feel disconnected from my mother and Paula, I feel connected to & # 39; any form have now.

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