Monday , June 21 2021

Justin Bieber takes advantage of the attention of the public to kiss Hailey Baldwin in stadium

Check out the video in which Justin romantic Bees to Hailey Baldwin!

It is well known that Justin Bieber is a big fan of & # 39; hockey, Because in addition to its constant practice also assists as a spectator the professional teams matches.

Recently, he and Hailey Baldwin attended the game Maple Leafs of & # 39; Toronto using the & # 39; shirts & # 39; equal hockey to read "Mr. Bieber" and "Mrs. Bieber

But the best thing was that when Justin Bieber he noticed that all cameras were moving towards the area where he is & # 39; wife Hailey Baldwin, Took advantage of public attentionor timlaha with kisses before the entire stadium!

Without a doubt, Hailey and Justin are #RelationshipGoals.

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